Love snacking? This recipe is for you- a simple blend of standard trail mix ingredients makes up this Archer ranches copycat. No familiar? that is a blend dubbed Monster Mix offered at Target.


It candid isn’t the expensive, however 9 times the end of 10, i usually have actually the pantry staples laying around.

Trail Mix Recipe

What is trail mix? typically speaking, it’s a mix of dried fruit and nuts made popular by campers and also hikers. The mix that sugar and also protein propels energy, the is basic to carry and tasty come eat, so it is good for the trail.

Trail mix recipes have actually evolved and also added much more variety, the most well-known being M&Ms. Story has actually it it the the Girl and Boy Scouts make the addition of coco popular.


Well done, kids! many of the recipes now encompass M&Ms and also other species of chocolate and also peanut butter chips.

For me, a good trail mix cooking recipes will meet my hunger, but likewise my sweet tooth. Hey, if ns am eating it then possibilities are ns am likewise doing a great amount the physical task and will burn off that cacao pretty fast.

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Monster Mix

My version of Monster trace Mix is a take on the store bought mix native Target i m sorry combines usual pantry ingredients:

RaisinsPeanutsM&MsChocolate chipsPeanut butter chips

The perfect blend of texture, sweet and also salty. Amounts can additionally vary, so don’t worry about exact measurements. Just eyeball it!


There are numerous trail mix varieties and you can make up your very own by simply including or omitting ingredients.

Other species of dried fruit: cranberries, mangos, prunes or banana chips.Switch increase the nuts: cashews, almonds, jaw nuts or pistachios. Swap the end candy: candy with a coating works the finest if you room in warm weather, for this reason M&Ms and also Reese’s piece are best to not melt.

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Granola- any kind you’d like. Seeds– Pumpkin seed (pepitas)or sunflower seeds are an extremely popular.

Make front & Storage

You have the right to make Monster trace Mix in large batches and just store in one airtight container in the pantry for when you require it. It will stay great for months as long as it is save on computer properly.

You can also make it into single size servings for her child’s classroom, together party favors or to send v your children to camp. This is a snack the entirety family will love!