about She Couldn"t adjust Me

"She Couldn"t change Me" is a tune written by Gary Nicholson and Chris Knight and recorded through American country music duo Montgomery Gentry. It was released in February 2001 as the very first single indigenous the duo"s 2001 album carrying On. The tune peaked at number 2 top top the united state Billboard Hot nation Songs chart and also at number 37 top top the Billboard hot 100, do it among their highest-peaking crossover songs.

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Sometimes i think what turned her on was my ole" damaged down bootsShe want her a real cowboy, it to be a step she was going throughNot one week after she relocated in and also I recorded her paintin" the bedroom blueBrought house a bottle of pink Chablis, poured out my best home-brewI to be sittin" on the porch in my over-alls together she pack her points to leaveShe changed her mind when she couldn"t readjust meShe readjusted direction, headed the end WestShe adjusted her tune to some Hip-Hop messHer dark brown hair checked out blonde and also her nice blue eyes visited greenShe adjusted everything once she couldn"t adjust meShe was sittin" alongside the ocean, lookin" the end at the wavesWatchin" just how they keep on rollin"But constantly seemed the sameShe called and also said she"d been thinkin" about all those quiet nation nightsAnd whatever she assumed was so wrong through meSuddenly seemed alrightI to be sittin" on the porch in my over-alls as soon as her truck pulled right into viewShe claimed I adjusted my mind as soon as I couldn"t adjust youShe changed direction, headed earlier homeShe adjusted her tune, it"s every Haggard and also JonesHad her dark brown hair pulled earlier and the bluest eye you ever before seenShe adjusted everything as soon as she couldn"t adjust meShe stated I guess as soon as you love someone, you just gotta let it beShe readjusted her mind once she couldn"t change meShe adjusted direction, she"s back in my armsShe assumed it through, had actually a adjust of heartShe claimed I guess once you love someone, you simply gotta let that beShe adjusted her mind once she couldn"t adjust meYeahYeahShe adjusted it all as soon as she couldn"t adjust meShe couldn"t readjust meShe couldn"t readjust me

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Montgomery Gentry Montgomery Gentry is one American country music duo composed of vocalists Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, both natives the Kentucky. The two began performing in the 1990s as part of two various bands with Montgomery"s brother, man Michael Montgomery. Although Gentry won a talent dispute in 1994, he rejoined with Eddie Montgomery ~ Gentry to be unable to discover a solo document deal, and also Montgomery Gentry was started in 1999.

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The duo is known for its southerly rock influences, and has collaborated with Charlie Daniels, Toby Keith, 5 for Fighting and members the The Allman brothers Band. More »