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The Latin source word mort way “death.” This Latin root is the word origin of a great number the English vocabulary words, consisting of mortgage, mortuary, and also immortal. The Latin source word mort is quickly recalled through words mortal, for a “mortal” is someone who “death” will case one day.

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-alof or relating to

A mortal being, choose all life, have to someday “die.”


-bundacting in a specific way

Something moribund is undergoing a slow yet sure “death.”

Make Mort Deathless!

The Latin root word mort method “death.” So as to not be mortified the next time you encounter an English native with the word root mort in it, let’s beat the root come “death” by finding out it cold!

When you examine Greek mythology, you learn that the Olympian gods and goddesses to be immortal, the is, “death” never impacted them. This immortality, or “deathlessness,” is significantly desired among humans, that will go to an excellent lengths to stay young. In spite of what ordinary humans and even heroes do, lock are however all subject to “death” because that they are mortal. That takes a long time for most world to come to grips with mortality, or the fact that “death” will insurance claim us all one day.

A mortician, or funeral director, gets prepared for the awareness accompanying a person’s “death” by prepare the “dead” body because that burial. The mortician must address rigor mortis, or the stiffness that “death” brings to the limbs of a corpse which makes them an overwhelming to move. Periodically a dead body will require a postmortem, or check after “death” to recognize why someone died. The funeral home, or mortuary, is the temporary abiding ar of the “dead” person until that is entombed or cremated.

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One really famous occupational of literature, composed by the English items Sir thomas Malory, was entitled Le Morte d’Arthur, or “death” that King Arthur, a an extensive collection of stories around King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the Knights that the ring Table, which ends with Arthur being slain by Mordred in ~ the fight of Camlann. Talk around a publication that gives away the ending!

Last, but not least, is that tragic sounding term mortgage, or “dead pledge.” If a mortgagor, or the one who holds the “dead” pledge falls short in his promise to pay turn off his house’s mortgage, the residential or commercial property then becomes forfeit, or “dead” to him, and also he have the right to no much longer live there; on the other hand, the mortgage, which is a gaue won transaction, can likewise undergo a “death” or termination once the blame is paid off.

Now girlfriend no much longer need it is in mortified, or “die” that embarrassment, as soon as you don’t recognize the an interpretation of an English word through mort in it, because that you will recognize that it has actually something to carry out with “death.”

immortal: the not suffering “death” immortality: the problem of not experiencing “death” mortal: of or pertaining to “death” mortality: the condition of enduring “death” mortician: a funeral manager who straight deals with the “death” of people rigor mortis: the stiffness the “death” postmortem: ~ “death” examination mortuary: a funeral home to which those who have actually suffered “death” are brought Le Morte D’Arthur: The “Death” that Arthur mortgage: “dead” pledge mortgagor: one who holds a mortgage