Mr Bear family members offers high quality assets for beard, moustache, hair, shaving and also skin.The products are make of herbal ingredients and also produced in small batches.We create our very own formulas and also the whole variety is totally free from synthetic preservatives and also other additives typically used to expand the shelf life of beauty, beauty products.Mr Bear household offers everyday luxury emotion at affordable price without compromising with the quality. Make with treatment in Gothenburg, Sweden


The moustache Shaper — nominated together ​“Beard care of theyear”

We space honoured come announce the The mustache Shaper is nominated by swedish Beauty Awards 2021!

The beard Shaper is merged styling and beard moisturizer in one. It help to create anatural organize that help to keep the shape of the moustache all with out the day with out weighing that down. Perfect because that the everyday styling of her beard. Relieves redness, irritation, and dry skin and also gives the beard amore fuller and richer touch.

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Offered in our three signature fragrant Citrus, woodland &Wilderness.

Our popular and classic moustache Oil in anew larger bottle!

We now offer our beard oil in 60 ml (30 ml is still available). For easy to use purposes it comes with apump, which renders it aone-hand-easy-peasy-application-process:)

Mr Bear family Beard Brew is amoisturizing beard oil do from all herbal ingredients. Soften and conditions the beard and also the skin underneath. It’s also made to relieve redness, dry skin and irritation. Whether you have actually ashort or long beard it’s merely amust-have-product.

Pick and also choose her favourite scent; Citrus, backwoods or Wilderness

New kits, the perfect gift for every occasion.

Do you ever before struggle to uncover the prefect gift? Well, struggle no more. And also even more, why no treat yourself through alittle somethin’

We offer kits because that the hair, both in styling products and also shampoo + conditioner.

And for the bearded we have actually the perfect mix of beard products in these fine kits.

If you know someone that would evaluate an exclusive kit with all you require for wetshaving, inspect this out.

For asmoother and much more nurturing cut experience, be sure to have actually alook at this shaving commodities in sets v an ​“how-to” keep in mind in the package.

Limited edition Wildfire isback!

moustache Brew WILDFIRE is earlier by famous demand! Same great scent, yet in anew bigger bottle (60 ml) v ahandy pump and an excellent packaging.

The odor of mustache Brew Wildfire is choose aroaring bushfire or acrackling campfire!

Get itnow!

Our minimal Editions are made in small batch production and is offered at alimited period oftime.

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Popular collab — Mr be affected by each other Family and also Honest Al!

Honest Al around the collaboration…I longed for aproduct series and once Imet Björn (Mr Bear) it was agiven come collaborate. Mr Bear’s knowledge was the an outcome of this product series which is abit prefer me…“Punkrock and also don’t-give-a-shit attitude”. The assets scent is old school but also an extremely ​“now”.

The Scent: Afresh top keep in mind of thyme and also raspberries that tones down and lands in awarm odor of leather, wood and also suede. Atruly masculine and also old college scent!Check the end the products: mustache Balm, moustache Oil, to organize Spray, Clay Pomade

How come choose between our right razors?

We offer three various straight razors. So, i m sorry one to choose? Click right here to read an ext about it and also find the end the differences…

…or, jump straight to one of themStraight Razor — BarberStraight Razor — Master

Also make sure you use the right assets for that full on awesome cut experience; Shaving products