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Doritos uses Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Spicy Nacho, Jacked Ranch Dipped warm Wings, Jacked 3D Jalapeno Pepperjack, Dinamita Chile Limon


Mountain Dew(R) and Doritos(R), the ultimate fuel because that gamers, are when again teaming up v Activision Publishing, Inc. For the recent installment in speak to of Duty(R), black Ops III, which access time shelves an international on November 6. Because that the first time, the "Fuel Up because that Battle" routine will sell fans exclusive double XP in the highly-anticipated speak to of Duty: black color Ops III zombie mode, "Shadows of Evil."

"DEW and also Doritos room excited to take the "Fuel Up because that Battle" regime to a new level by providing gamers because that the an initial time dual XP in zombies mode," stated Greg Lyons, vice president of marketing, mountain Dew. "Gaming is in our brand"s DNA, and also partnering through Doritos to bring one-of-a kind gaming promotions and also exclusive opportunities to our fans is something we are very proud of."

"The DEW and also Doritos "Fuel Up because that Battle" promo is another example that PepsiCo"s strength in structure integrated food and beverage marketing campaigns," said Jeff Klein, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay. "We are delighted to communicate consumers through exclusive experiences with our unparalleled brands in combination with blockbuster video clip games."

Mountain Dew is bringing back tried and true gamer-favorite – Mtn Dew video game Fuel Citrus Cherry – and a brand-new flavor – Mtn Dew game Fuel Berry Lime – because that a restricted time only. Both commodities will struggle shelves in the U.S., starting October 5 and also will likewise be obtainable via online retailers every year long.

Fans can also participate in the "Fuel Up because that Battle" promotion by purchasing any kind of 3.125 oz. Specially marked bag the Doritos Nacho Cheese, Doritos Cool Ranch, Doritos Spicy Nacho, Doritos Jacked Ranch Dipped hot Wings, Doritos Jacked 3D Jalapeno Pepperjack flavored chips, or 3.75 oz. Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon flavored chips, start October 5.

Following the launch on October 5, fans deserve to visit for finish details and also rules the the "Fuel Up for Battle" program.

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About DoritosDoritos is one of the leading brands from PepsiCo"s (NYSE: PEP) an international snack portfolio. Come learn more about the Doritos brand, visit that website at

About PepsiCo PepsiCo products are appreciated by consumer one billion time a job in much more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $66 billion in network revenue in 2014, driven by a safety food and beverage investment portfolio that consists of Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana. PepsiCo"s product portfolio includes a wide variety of exciting foods and beverages, consisting of 22 brands that generate much more than $1 billion each in estimated yearly retail sales.

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At the love of PepsiCo is power with objective – our score to deliver top-tier financial performance while creating sustainable growth and also shareholder value. In practice, Performance v Purpose way providing a wide variety of foods and beverages from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative means to minimization our affect on the environment and also reduce our operating costs; giving a safe and also inclusive workplace for our employees globally; and also respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities where us operate. For more information, visit

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