Welcome to dirt Queen Pottery.

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Take some time to visit our studio wherein you deserve to buy handmade art and goods, dig into clay, or just enjoy part time to yourself in ours space.



Our studio is home to eight ceramic wheels, one slab roller, and also three kilns wherein novices and also veterans alike can develop pieces and also expand their personal collections.



Our collection is complete of handmade art and goods that showcase the beauty and also expertise of many artists, local and also abroad. Ours studio and shop is open up Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 11am-5pm, and also Saturday 10am-1pm or by appointment.



Our classes include introductory lessons, 8-week lessons, wine & Wheel Nights, and monthly studio space. Because that those looking for technique-specific learning, our workshops featuring artist from various places and walks the life might be because that you.


Whether you"re looking to try something new, or refresh your skills, mud Queen Pottery has actually a course for you.

Our classes variety from the one-time Introductory course to the once-a-week 8-week class. For special occasions, we also provide Wine & Wheel nights ~ above Fridays and also Saturdays. And also for the proficient hobby potter, we sell a monthly fees that has rental that shelf space and access to the studio during all open service hours.

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Mud Queen ceramic strives to cultivate a studio of brand-new ideas, new learning, and also differing points of view. By inviting artist from all approximately the world to demonstrate their techniques, we hope to supply ceramic arts expertise to those who look for it.Check out our Workshops web page for much more information.

Mud Queen Pottery, 5933 Linglestown Road, Harrisburg, PA, 17112, united States717.652.1000wgc2010.org