Where the bathroom and synthesizers meet, you get poop music — song lovingly draft to help you explosively empty her bowels

For every problem, there is a YouTube video. Dog won’t stop barking? there’s a video. Pastel goth beauty beauty tutorial? yes a video. Transforming spiders into a snack? there’s a video. If you constipated and need musical assistance to empty your bowels? yes a totality subgenre of YouTube videos specialized to that.

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“Poop music” on YouTube — no to be confused with the meta video remixes dubbed “YouTube Poop” — encompasses everything from simple listening toilet tunes to club nearby stool synth. This music videos look for to assist you go to the bathroom, and while they sometimes touch on well-known YouTube genres favor lofi beats because that the bathroom, they all have the exact same mission: providing music that urges bowel movements, whether with a tenderness touch or an aggressive throttle. Because that every restroom user, over there is a item of YouTube poop music for you.

The prospect of poop music raises a most questions. Does the work? space these musician making this music to help? Or is this every a joke? After part anecdotal research entailing listening to such music if on my own toilet (the results were inconclusive), I got to out come a couple of top creators in the genre to understand more.

Barcelona-based artists Jordi and also Abel, of the channel Binaural System, have been making new age music because 2015 and also have one of the an ext successful poop music videos: November 2018’s “Música Para Hacer Caca” (“Music to make You Poop”), a 35-minute ambient song with more than 800,000 views the spawned an English and also Portuguese iteration.

Their approach to music harnesses scientifically dubious frequencies referred to as binaural waves the supposedly assist calm anxiety. They watch their occupational as utilitarian, sounds through “everyday purposes such as music because that piles music for peeing.” They produce with MIDI keyboards and synthesizers and also items choose the aboriginal American flute, pan flute and also guitar. Your aim v this music — as v their non-bathroom-related music — is to create calm and make listeners feeling better. “Music is a universal language,” they phone call me. “Our objective is to aid with relaxation, and also this is what will thousands of human being who let us understand every day with their messages.”

In a vastly different artistic camp come Jordi and also Abel is a madness popular, decidedly un-soothing kind of poop music that could easily it is in mistaken because that noise. YouTuber sounds You Need and also their “Music That makes You Poop 2.0” best exemplifies this: Their song is over 10 minute of gurgles and burbles that feel prefer a soundcheck because that SOPHIE, however has more than 1.2 million views.

Sounds friend Need contends least seven poop songs and specializes in troll-friendly songs choose “Music That provides You brain Injury” and the absolute bop “I Messed my Pants.” according to a keep in mind the artist composed on their video, your poop track was made come help: “When ns was young, I want to come to be a doctor to help people the end there… you re welcome subscribe, like and share, therefore I can upload more stuff to aid people the end there in emergencies!” The comments section reveals a ar where internet sillies meet cumulative human need: “Everyone below at the toilet pushing hard”; “I’m pooping appropriate now. Who else is through me?”; and “Can someone describe why this helped?”

In broadening the find for answers past YouTube, you uncover this selection of poop music appearing on sites choose SoundCloud. One creator, Overkill, provides his thoughts based on his own poop music creation, “Music That makes You violent Diarrhea (Music That renders You Poop metal Cover).” “The reason these songs occasionally work is as result of the instrumentation,” Overkill explains, positing that synths sound favor an upset stomach. “I largely don’t think they do you poop, yet I carry out think that they certainly help.”

Unlike Binaural System, his song is a joke: He was recommended the famous “Music That provides You Poop” and also made a steel cover, due to the fact that most the his music is make after memes. And also memes might be the key here, together incontinent truths skid into internet humor. “Memes deserve to shape people’s music tastes,” Overkill explains, offering “Megalovania” indigenous Undertale together an example. This song sparked a major meme, yielding remixes and also covers that the video clip game ditty. One can even make the connection in between “Music That makes You Poop” with the “Megalovania” beat, although possibly this is just fabricated speculation.

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Whether by binaural frequencies or synth poundings, the core claim of poop music is to aid people poop. This might be the true root of the popularity, quite than any actual musical high quality — in ~ least, it is the id of Miranda A.L. Van Tilburg, who studies the relationship between psychology and gastrointestinal disorders and is a professor at Campbell University, the college of north Carolina and also the university of Washington in Seattle. “Some civilization have such a difficult time through constipation,” she says. “If people have make the efforts everything, they’ll shot the following crazy idea the end there.” Constipation is a an extremely real problem for part people and desperation can lead to inventive solutions. If that method listening to an hour that pulsing poop music, so it is in it.

Unfortunately, over there isn’t any kind of credence to our feeling of sound aiding our bowels — our bodies are much more complicated than that. “The mind and the gut are highly interconnected,” van Tilburg says. She phone call the bowels the “second brain,” the resource of butterflies in the stomach and the require “to go” as soon as nervous. Relaxation can aid constipation, yet sadly for Binaural Systems, music can only perform so lot to calm. Treatment can aid there, van Tilburg explains, yet much of our pooping actions have to carry out with conditioning, or associating bathroom task with an external stimulus. This can be eating particular foods, waking up at a particular time or hear to specific sounds that you follow by going come the bathroom. This creates a kind of Pavlovian response, the lesson learned being, “I walk this, now I have to poop.”

But have the right to music ultimately assist your bowels? “I’ve never heard of this,” valve Tilburg says. “It’s most likely conditioning. Or people thinking it’s funny.”