My Body different Song Lyrics Deep end Freestyle by Sleepy Hallow. Key song i don’t think girlfriend wanna walk off the deep finish My body various Shorty said she tryna kick it.

Go turn off the deep endI don’t think girlfriend wanna go off the deep endI don’t think you wanna go off the deep endI don’t think you wanna give me a reason(Great john on the beat by the way)

My human body differentShorty said she tryna kick itI’m in her mouth, somethin’ choose a dentistCookin’ up, I’m in the kitchenBig bro wildin’, tryna capture a victimI take it an L, yet now I’m back, gang winnin’Look, and also I’m doin’ wellDon’t also ask just how I’m livin’Niggas ain’t real, lock capRidin’ round through the chair laid backThey told me come chill, I’m itchin’ to clapIf ns pull up, somebody gain whackedBoy, tie your laces, niggas trippingRed lights, we gon’ skip itFucked increase a new V, we was dippin’From the police, ns was drillin’But crap it, let’s ice scating on, huhRun up a bag with my bro gods, what (Bro)

Watch how I present offStep in the room and she takin’ her apparel offI ain’t also say much, huhAin’t even do muchThey like, “Sleepy, you as well much”Know I acquired a bag, right? HuhKnow ns live a fast lifeSaid she fell in love, met she last nightSaid she desire this shit because that lifeGirl, you must be dumb, no, you no the type, what (What?)No, I’m no the typeI think i was lost in a previous lifeCame back, acquired my cash right

Say you desire the sauce, ns can obtain you rightBut it’s heavyweight, not lightBro keep a strap, somethin’ prefer a dykeHe it is in shootin’, he don’t choose to fightI can get you wrapped up like a giftSmoked up choose a spliffChopper tell ’em back up or acquire hitGot mine racks up, now I’m litI could get you packed up in this bitchAnd my blood blue ’cause I’m CripFanny pack complete of hundreds (That’s a fact)I simply reach on my waist, checked out he runnin’ (Fuck outta here)Bitches to speak a nigga stuntin’, huhKnow lock hate just how I come up from nothin’Backed down, obtain to drummin’ (Baow, baow)I’ma present a nigga how I’m comin’I was down, currently I’m uppin’ (Now I’m up)They to be hatin’ on me, currently they lovin’ (Oh wait, hold on)

Go off the deep endI don’t think girlfriend wanna go off the deep endI don’t think friend wanna walk off the deep endI don’t think girlfriend wanna give me a reason