Not only do the McElroys completely abandon the inquiry on My Brother, mine Brother and also Me Season 1 episode 4, but they present the most frightening segment come ever appear on television: Clown Box.

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That’s not to say that it’s not the funniest thing that’s happened on the series thus far, due to the fact that it is – I’m simply petrified of clowns, as I stated in this review.

The McElroys begin with what need to be a softball of a question, coming every the method from a neighbor in Canada:

The brothers have actually the finest intentions. They also start v their “teen names” (your least favorite soda and also your favourite soda), and convincingly sit backwards in roll chairs.

They infiltrate a high institution with the aid of Justin’s sister-in-law, and even perfect the party flip to admire teens into telling lock what teachers have the right to do to keep them interested.

But the whole project walk awry an extremely quickly when field trips outside become supernatural.

While My Brother, my Brother and also Me has so much been a fun advice and sketch show, this stunt bring away their series to brand-new (terrifying) territory.

Griffin, with the assist of the only teen who wants to it is in on his ‘team,’ additionally named Griffin, create the Clown Box, a crate so odd and surprising the it will certainly leave you through nightmares because that years.

That’s ideal kids, I claimed YEARS.

With Clown Box, the antics the the McElroy brothers walk to the next level – it i do not care a comedy mashup of It and Blair Witch, miscellaneous I never thought I would live to check out air on television, or rather, currently on the internet.

Actually, you can uncover anything ~ above the internet, therefore Clown Box more than likely shouldn’t surprise me in ~ all.

The Box eventually makes the McElroy guys disappear, leave dad Clint alone because that dinner and poor Courtney’s inquiry without an answer.

Also a group of very confused teenagers.

Watching the brothers connect to teenagers is funnier than I expect it come be. They carry the perfect lot of man fun and mentorship to the teens of Huntington, West Virginia. They entirely fit in (NOT), especially Griffin, who ‘dabbing’ an abilities are unparalleled.


Griffin steals the display in this outing of My Brother, my Brother and Me. If all three brothers space hilarious, sweet baby brother’s antics was standing out among the rest. Possibly it’s the dabbing. Or the Clown Box. Or the method he shuts under Justin v a very clear, “SHUT UP,” as soon as figuring out teenager names. Who have the right to really choose one defining moment?

Regardless that the ‘why’ of that all, this is Griffin’s shining illustration of the series.

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The McElroys prove that they space NOT specialists once again in “Teens & Your least Favorite Soda,” however they execute prove that they space pretty great at maintaining the laughs coming.

Really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

What did friend think of this illustration of My Brother, mine Brother and also Me? What is your teen name? did the Clown Box ruin your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!