When her cat is experiencing from vaginal discharge, she may groom excessively, endure from loss of power or appetite, and also in part instances, act perfect normal other than abnormal discharge. Once your woman cat is experiencing from quality discharge, you might also notice a adjust in behavior towards her from the various other cats in her household, especially any kind of male cats present.

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Vaginal discharge in cat is a wide symptom that deserve to be brought about by a number of underlying conditions. Many of these problems may be life-threatening, and also it is necessary that you bring your cat to your veterinarian for a full examination if vaginal discharge is occurring. 


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While the symptom vary depending upon the underlying cause, quality discharge in her cat is constantly characterized by one abnormal discharge native the vaginal area. The discharge might come in various colors and also consistencies, depending upon the basic cause. A breakdown of the potential symptom to watch because that includes:

Vaginal discharge either clear (mucus) or pus-like, potentially accompanied by bloodLethargyLoss of appetiteVomitingExcessive GroomingExcessive ThirstHigh TemperatureExcessive fist from male Cats


Vaginal discharge in cats tends to it is in a symptom, or an indication that an underlying disease, infection or various other condition. Over there are, however, number of common causes of quality discharge in cats.

Pyometra, a perhaps life-threatening epidemic of the uterus, commonly found in unsprayed adult woman catsUrinary street infectionsVaginosisForeign bodiesCertain warts or other growthsInjury because of trauma or copulation


In order come diagnose the cause of quality discharge in your cat, the veterinary will very first need a in-depth medical and also lifestyle background of your pet. Some of the crucial information girlfriend will should gather consists of whether your cat is spayed and whether they space an indoor/outdoor cat or specifically indoors. You should also make a note of once the discharge started and provide a summary of as many additional symptoms together possible. Alters in eating, resting or drinking actions will be especially important.

Your vet will conduct a thorough clinical examination of her cat. Temperature and also any sensitivity to press to the pelvic area will aid determine if there is an epidemic of the uterus or associated organs. Your doctor will also ask for bloodwork to identify white blood cell count, especially if there is pus or a bloody discharge.

The physical test may also include scoping with a miniature camera or other optical device, to identify the presence of any type of injury or foreign bodies. This may require that your cat be mildly sedated relying on temperament. In the situation of evident infection, your vet will look for to make a rapid diagnosis, together this problem can it is in life-threatening.



Since quality discharge in cats deserve to have a variety of causes, treatment will be tailored as much as possible to the underlying disease or condition.

Treatment of Infection, or Pyometra

If the underlying cause of the quality discharge is diagnosed as pyometra, or an infection of the uterus, her vet will have several courses of treatment to recommend. The least invasive course of action involves hospitalization and administering drugs the induce your cat’s uterus to contract and also eliminate the infection. Antibiotics space then given to effort to stop infection indigenous returning.

The 2nd course of treatment for pyometra is surgical, in which a spay procedure is performed and also the entire uterus is removed. The doctor will take treatment to no nick or puncture the uterus i beg your pardon would spread out the epidemic throughout your cat. That is essential to keep in mind that if this may be the an ext invasive procedure, it additionally produces the highest rates the recovery together the problem cannot recur as soon as the uterus is removed.

Treatment the Other causes of vaginal Discharge in your Cat

Treatment of quality discharge in her cat in instances other 보다 infection can range from physics removal that a international object to management with medication. In the instance of injury, her doctor might prescribe an antibiotic cream to prevent extr infection of the area. In the situation of a UTI, dental antibiotics can additionally be administered.

As lengthy as treatment is sought quickly for her cat’s quality discharge, the prognosis for recovery is very good. In the event of therapy of pyometra via a spay procedure, cat are commonly able to return to their typical routines shortly after return home. It will certainly be important to fully administer any medications and also to go back to your veterinarian at the exactly time to have any stitches or staples eliminated from the scratch site. 

In the situation of a UTI, international body or various other minor injury, time is on your side. Given sufficient time and properly administered medications, her cat’s injury will begin to heal over the course of numerous days come a week.

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