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Anyone have kids that are taller than you and your spouse? (parent, wife)
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My eldest daughter was 4"10 when she started high school. By the time she started college she was 5"2, she"s now 5"7 or so. I"m 5"3, her dad was 6"0. So sometimes you just don"t know.
I am 6"3"" and my wife is 5"6"" our daughter is 5"8"" but our son is 6"6"" genetics makes for shear folly sometimes.
I am 5" 6" and my wife is 5". Her brothers and sisters are taller than her and I am the shortest of 8 kids. The older three boys are all taller than both of us. The second son is the tallest at 5" 11" and he is now 17. Son #4 is the shortest. He is 14 years old. Son #5 is three years younger than son #4 and is about as tall as himOur only daughter is taller than our youngest son by an inch or so. She was one of the tallest two girls in her class and taller than many of the boys. With the younger three we have been asked if they were triplets.

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I"m going to guess that you and your husband are somewhere in your twenties or thirties, which puts your husband"s height at 63 or 64" below the 5th percentile for U.S. men, and yours at 63" somewhere around the 25th percentile. Unless there"s some reason to believe that you or your husband"s growth was stunted in some way (e.g. through malnutrition) a baby at the third percentile sounds quite reasonable to me. Do you mind if I ask if either of you are from a shorter ethnic group? Comparing some groups to the national averages can also really skew things.The other thing to look at for your son is whether he"s always been around the third percentile, or if he"s dropping percentiles. Some kids just are that small. Is he thriving in other ways? Meeting other developmental milestones, like crawling/pulling up/saying mama etc.?I"m just about 5" (sometimes measure as tall as 5"1.5" depending on who"s measuring and the time of day; I was 4"11" when I graduated high school) and my husband is probably 5"4", and we have kids who are all below the 50th percentile. They have all had spurts and slower growth periods, but generally have followed whichever curve they"re on fairly closely. All three pediatricians we"ve had over their lifespans have said that so long as they continue to stay on their curve, they"re fine.As to whether there"s "hope" that they"ll be taller than you--many kids grow up to be taller than their same-sex parent, and sons are generally taller than their mothers unless Mom is especially tall and Dad is especially short. It"s not a guarantee, though--I"m shorter than my mother, who is shorter than her mother was.