A mother writes in asking for advice around breastfeeding. She says that she recently had her third child. Unfortunately, she has not been producing enough milk to proceed breastfeeding exclusively. Her husband, however, is pressuring her to proceed breastfeeding there is no the help of formula. This mother wants come know just how she can convince her husband to adjust his track so that she have the right to do what’s finest for the baby.

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A member the the community asks:

I just had actually my second son (third baby) critical month and also I to be not developing enough milk to store breastfeeding! However, my husband says I should keep breastfeeding all the moment no formula! how do I get him to agree through me the it’s because that the best since I to be not developing enough milk?”

– Mamas Uncut ar Member

Community Advice because that This mommy Whose Husband Is Pressuring she to exclusively Breastfeed despite Her Milk supply Issues

To check out what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook neighborhood has because that this mommy in need, read the comments of the short article embedded below.

Fan QuestionMy husband think I must keep breastfeeding: Advice?I just had my second son third baby last month and…

Posted by Mamas Uncut onSunday, June 28, 2020

Advice Summary


The community offered this mom in require a lot of of good advice. Read some of your responses below.

“Tell him to stay in his lane. If you aren’t making enough milk for her baby, then your baby is walking hungry without formula. Does he desire your baby to starve to death? It’s her decision. Her baby requirements to it is in fed! Whether that’s from your boob or with formula, it no matter. Not his decision to make! He has actually NO to speak in even if it is you breastfeed or not.”

“NOT HIS BOOBS, not HIS CHOICE. You can stop breastfeeding for every little thing THE HELL friend WANT. Friend don’t require anyone’s permission because that that. Your body has already been through enough. We’re no in the 1950s. If you’re tho wanting to breastfeed however aren’t producing enough, speak come a lactation specialist who should give you good tips to help produce much more milk. I’ve heard the milk cookies are good.”

“Tell him till he can breastfeed baby, maybe he need to stop pushing and do some research….. What he is doing have the right to really mess with your head.”

“Tell him that if he wants your kid to continue being breastfed, then he have to start lactating to assist out because you aren’t producing enough.”

“If the mom is not producing milk, why continue to try to feed if it’s difficult for the mother? The dad requirements to understand. Obviously the can’t breastfeed therefore he has actually no idea what the takes!”

“Your body, her decision. Formula, breast, or donated milk, they are all great, but I think the best option is if infant is happy and full climate that’s what’s best. Ns think her husband needs to recognize that sometimes women just can’t produce enough milk and also it’s naught you’re act wrong!”

“This was the one thing I didn’t give my child’s father the option to make a decision. It’s my body and if i don’t want to breastfeed ns won’t. That didn’t agree and I didn’t care. Ns formula fed and I don’t regret it. This is a decision for you to make, no him. All other things of course room 50/50 yet not this.”

“Make certain you space in fact not producing enough. A lot of friends I understand assume lock arent once they just need come nurse an ext frequently. Pumping tends to sluggish production when nursing however latching frequently helps, even when you think your not making enough milk. Many of the moment the supply comes in fine when in demand. In the end, it’s completely your selection but simply some friendly advice! dominance of thumb, if baby is acquiring normal weight then you’re creating just fine!”

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