A febrile seizure is a convulsion in a kid that"s resulted in by a fever. The fever is frequently from one infection. Febrile seizures occur in young, healthy children who have actually normal breakthrough and haven"t had any type of neurological symptom before.

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It have the right to be frightening once your child has actually a febrile seizure. Fortunately, febrile seizures space usually harmless, just last a couple of minutes, and also typically don"t show a serious wellness problem.

You can help by maintaining your boy safe during a febrile seizure and also by giving comfort afterward. Speak to your medical professional to have your child evaluated as shortly as possible after a febrile seizure.


Usually, a child having a febrile seizure shakes all over and also loses consciousness. Sometimes, the child may get really stiff or twitch in just one area the the body.

A child having a febrile seizure may:

have actually a fever higher than 100.4 F (38.0 C) lose consciousness shower or jerk the arms and legs

Febrile seizures space classified as basic or complex:

Simple febrile seizures. This many common kind lasts native a few seconds to 15 minutes. Basic febrile seizures do not recur in ~ a 24-hour duration and are not details to one part of the body. Complex febrile seizures. This form lasts longer than 15 minutes, occurs more than when within 24 hours or is confined come one next of her child"s body.

Febrile seizures most frequently occur in ~ 24 hours of the onset of a fever and can it is in the very first sign that a boy is ill.

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When to view a doctor

See your child"s physician as soon as possible after her child"s very first febrile seizure, even if that lasts only a couple of seconds. Contact an ambulance to take it your son to the emergency room if the seizure lasts much longer than five minutes or is add by:

Vomiting A stiff neck Breathing problems Extreme sleepiness

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