I have actually not one, however two requests because that Persephone. Back she is frequently seen as the personification of spring, I actually think the name is more appropriate because that this time of year.

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The an interpretation behind Persephone (pronounced "per-SEF-oh-nee") is a small bit the a mystery. It might derive indigenous the Greek pertho ("to destroy") or native phone ("murder"). She may be a Greek and Roman goddess, however that doesn"t prove that her name originates from either language. In fact, the lot of spellings of her name in ancient sources suggest that the Greeks discovered her name complicated to pronounce, i m sorry wouldsuggest the it was foreign to them.Some historians believe that praise of her, and her mommy Demeter, predate the Olympian pantheon.Persephone is the daughter the Zeus,king of Olympus,and Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. She is essentially a vegetation goddess, back she is additionally considered to it is in the goddess that the seasons. She was generally worshiped alongside her mother, and in some situations it to be forbidden to speak she name because of her association v the dead.When she was adapted into ancient Roman culture one the two points happened depending upon who friend ask: she either preserved her surname or she was linked with Proserpina. Most civilization are acquainted with she story.Persephone to be sheltered far from the various other gods by her mother and grew up living amongst nature. Somehow she controlled to catch the eye of Hades, god of the Underworld, who fell in love through her. Zeus recommend Hades come abduct her because there was no way that Demeter would permit them to it is in together, which is what he wound increase doing. As soon as Demeter discovered that she daughter had actually disappeared she ended up being so filled through despair the she forbid the tree from growing. Helios, the sun, witnessed everything and also told Demeter what happened. Zeus was so pressured by the various other gods and also by the cries the the starving mortals the he compelled Hades come return Persephone (although in an previously telling that this story Hecate rescues Persephone, i beg your pardon I quite like).Hades agreed to do so, however he cheat Persephone by providing her a kernel the pomegranate come eat. If girlfriend eat the food that the Underworld you room doomed to spend eternity there. Therefore, Persephone is obligated to spendsix months the end of the year in the Underworld. This is the Greek mythical explanation for the 4 seasons.One truth that it s okay glossed over a many is the Persephone is no her initial name. Kore was her name once she to be living through her mother. She didn"t get the name Persephone till she ended up being queen that the Underworld. Kore is she maiden aspect, Persephone is the queen of the dead.The brand-new interpretation the the myththat has actually been circling among Neo-Pagans is rather interesting. If Demeter acts choose a crazed maniac on earth, Persephone decides to make Hades work for her affections. Hades sets the end to woo his wife and also over time she falls for the "dark, tormented badboy." She additionally begins to settle into her brand-new life in the Underworld.Here shedoesn"t have to answer to her overbearing mother. Right here she is the boss.And climate her mother shows up and also Persephone learns that she has actually killed every one of the plants and also has left the world of planet in agony. Persephone is torn. She doesn"t desire to have to choose between two people she loves. So she eats a few seeds of the pomegranate learning the price of eating Underworld food. Having actually only eaten a tiny bit, the gods room able to strike a damage that will certainly able Persephone come spend 6 months in every home, as such bringing balance come the world.This is why plenty of Neo-Pagans check out her as the goddess of empowerment. She could have to be the victim but instead coped amazingly well. She additionally helps her worshippers expropriate all aspects of themselves: both the darkness and the light. The holidays most connected with her room Mabon and Ostara, as these are the days of she descent and ascent.Persephone has actually never been a usual name in the united States, back I have actually seen it offered on occasion. I"ll admit that it"s a bit of amouthful, and also I"m certain there are still many world who would pronounce it like "Per-seh-FOHN." however it"s a lover name.

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You could use Persie, Seffie, or maybe even Stephanie or Steph together nicknames. I think the goddess gives an excellent energy come this name.Sources:http://www.behindthename.com/name/persephonehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persephonehttp://www.witchswell.com/JourneyingWithPersephoneWW.htmlhttp://wicca.tribe.net/thread/468f1c2b-c627-40cd-97d4-e3de59efe833Image Credit:Found via http://pinterest.com