When ns say “The Most interesting Man In The World,” what do you think of?

Maybe girlfriend think that beer.You are watching: The brand-new most interesting man in the civilization sucks

Maybe girlfriend think of Dos Equis beer.

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But you most likely think of a well-dressed older male surrounded by beautiful women and adventure.

C’mon. Ns don’t also need to create a caption and also this photo evokes every the images and words, right?


The Most amazing Beer Campaign

Since 2007, actor Jonathan Goldsmith was the spokesperson for Dos Equis beer, playing the role of The Most exciting Man In The World. (source)

I loved that branding initiative (a lot!) and also his commercials proceed to be few of my favorite commercials ever before made. They space charming, funny, memorable, sharable, and re-watchable.

And here’s anecdotal proof the marketing works: I never drank Dos Equis prior to seeing those commercials yet I invested a most money top top Dos Equis after seeing them! (I don’t always spend money on Dos Equis. But when ns do, it’s due to the fact that I just spent an hour binge-watching a bunch the Dos Equis commercials.) I recognize I’m no the just one swayed by this marketing campaign.

(Want come read more about branding, marketing, and also beer spokespeople? inspect out this blog short article I go from way back in the day!)

Even Goldsmith’s sign-off tagline — “I don’t always drink beer. Yet when ns do, I like Dos Equis” — has come to be a meme, which i guess is some type of indicator that how installed into our culture The Most interesting Man yes, really is!

Then miscellaneous changed…

A new Most interesting Man?

In 2016, Goldsmith’s contract through Dos Equis ended and they decided to change Goldsmith v a younger Most amazing Man In The World.

The “new” Most interesting Man In The people continues to stand for Dos Equis in commercials the feel very similar to Goldsmith’s commercials. His instead of does comparable things and also sounds similar…

Looks familiar, right? The commercial has all the same beats/storylines/messages. On the surface, it to be the happen of a baton and also we have to all proceed staying thirsty since of this brand-new guy, right?

But go anyone care anymore?

Look, I’m not trying to it is in an old curmudgeon by speak that ns hate adjust and can’t tolerate a new face on an old campaign. I gain that companies need to do that. There are probably many legit company reasons why Dos Equis determined to replace Goldsmith. And also maybe Dos Equis is continuing to watch success through the new guy. Awesome.

BUT… Goldsmith was the original Most amazing Man. Dos Equis assumed the the mantle the “The Most amazing Man In The World” can be moved from one human being to the next, simply by creating similar commercials.

Goldsmith verified them wrong. He confirmed that he is The Most exciting Man In The World.

Want to recognize the true strength of the brand? want a great in being a legend and also in brand portability?

Fast front to 14 seconds into this video clip to clock Goldsmith say much less than 10 acquainted words and instantly move the complete cache of HIS brand end to Astral Tequila…

Or go over to AstralTequila.com and skip all the fast-forwarding nonsense.

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In less than 10 words, Goldsmith mirrors us the true strength of a brand, brand portability, and also how HE proceeds to be The Most amazing Man In The World.See more: how To win Seath The Scaleless ??: Darksouls exactly how The Hell execute I to win Seath The Scaleless

(Bonus reading: does anyone mental in The Dukes that Hazzard as soon as Bo and Luke duke were gone because that a season? castle were replaced by weirdly similar cousins… Coy and Vance Duke… The display sucked and also the initial actors were brought earlier on.)


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