When offered as determiners, last means the (one) immediately before the present, whereas next way the one automatically following the existing or many recent one.

When provided as nouns, last method a device for shaping or preserving the shape of shoes, vice versa, next method the one that adheres to after this one.

When provided as adverbs, last method most recently, vice versa, next means in a time, place, location or succession closest or following.

When supplied as adjectives, last way final, ultimate, comes after every others that its kind, conversely, next means in location or position, having actually nothing comparable intervening.

Last is likewise verb through the meaning: to perform, lug out.

Next is likewise preposition with the meaning: top top the side of.

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Last together an adjective:

Final, ultimate, coming after every others of its kind.

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"“Eyes wide Shut” was the last film come be directed by Stanley Kubrick."

Last together an adjective:

Most recent, latest, critical so far.


"The last time I experienced him, he was married."

"I have received your keep in mind dated the 17th last, and also am responding come say that.... Lb antiquated _ usage"

Last together an adjective:

Farthest of every from a offered quality, character, or condition; many unlikely, or least preferable.


"He is the last person to it is in accused that theft."

"The last person I want to meet is Helen."

"More rain is the last point we need right now."

Last as an adjective:

Being the only one continuing to be of that is class.


"Japan is the critical empire."

Last together an adjective:

Supreme; highest in degree; utmost.

Last together an adjective:

Lowest in location or degree.


"the critical prize"

"rfquotek Alexander Pope"

Last together an adverb:

Most recently.


"When we last met, he to be based in Toronto."

Last as an adverb (sequence):

after every little thing else; finally


"I'll go last."


Last together a verb (transitive, obsolete):

To perform, lug out.

Last as a verb (intransitive):

To endure, continue over time.


"Summer appears to last much longer each year."

"They it seems ~ happy now, however that won't last long."

Last as a verb (intransitive):

To hold out, proceed undefeated or entire.


"I don't know how much much longer we can last there is no reinforcements."

Last together a noun:

A device for shaping or maintaining the form of shoes.

Last together a verb:

To form with a last; to fasten or fit come a last; to location smoothly ~ above a last.


"to critical a boot"

Last together a noun (obsolete):

A burden; load; a cargo; freight.

Last as a noun (obsolete):

A measure of weight or quantity, varying in designation relying on the products concerned.

Last together a noun (obsolete):

An old English (and Dutch) measure of the carrying capacity the a ship, same to two tons.

Last as a noun:

A pack of some commodity with recommendation to the weight and also commercial value.

Next together an adjective (obsolete):

in location or position, having nothing similar intervening; . Most direct, or shortest or nearest in distance or time.

Next as an adjective:

Nearest in order, succession, or rank; instantly (or periodically ) in order.


"the next chapter; the next man I see; the following week; the Sunday next prior to Easter"

Next as an adjective (figuratively):

Following in a theoretical sequence of some kind.

Next as an adjective (chiefly, law):

Nearest in relationship. .}}



Next together an adverb:

In a time, place, rank or succession closest or following.


"They live in the following closest house."

"Next, we stripped off the old paint."

"Who is next after Henry provides his presentation?"

"It's the next ideal thing to ice cream."

Next as an adverb:

On the an initial subsequent occasion.


"Financial panic, earthquakes, oil spills, riots. What comes next?"

"When we following meet, you'll be married."

Next as a preposition:

On the side of; nearest or nearby to; following to.

Next as a noun:

The one that complies with after this one.

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"Next, please, don't organize up the queue!"

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