1 : a emotion of uneasiness about a suggest especially that conscience or propriety had no qualms about asking because that their help It was about an enduring secular people where people did unspeakable things, seemingly without qualm and also without any type of grave after-effects to themselves.— Jim Holt

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2 : a sudden feeling of normally disturbing feeling (such as doubt or fear) I had a qualm of absolute horror, and also shuddered; and then the feeling was automatically repressed or suppressed.— Oliver Sacks
3 : a sudden assault of illness, faintness, or nausea The medical professional seemed seized v a qualm of faintness.— Robert luigi Stevenson

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qualmy \ ˈkwä-​mē

likewise ˈkwȯ-​ or ˈkwäl-​ \ adjective

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qualm, scruple, compunction, demur average a misgiving around what one is doing or going come do. Qualm implies an uneasy are afraid that one is not following one"s conscience or better judgment. no qualms around plagiarizing scruple indicates doubt of the correct of an plot on grounds of principle. no scruples versus buying stolen items compunction suggests a spontaneous emotion of obligation or compassion for a potential victim. had actually compunctions about lying demur means hesitation brought about by objection come an exterior suggestion or influence. welcomed her decision without demur

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Etymologists aren"t certain where qualm originated, yet they do know it gone into English roughly 1530. Originally, it described a suddenly sick feeling. Robert louis Stevenson made use of this older sense in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A qualm come over me, a horrid nausea and also the many deadly shuddering. soon after qualm entered the language, it involved designate not just sudden assaults of illness, but additionally sudden assaults of feeling or principle. In The map out Book, because that example, Washington Irving wrote, Immediately after among these fits of extravagance, he will certainly be taken v violent qualms of economy.... Eventually, qualm take it on the details (and now most common) an interpretation of doubt or uneasiness, particularly in not adhering to one"s conscience or much better judgment.

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He accepted their sell without a qualm. she has actually no qualms around downloading pirated music files from the net
Recent instances on the web most folk, out-take Nack, reckoned the qualm was a story the priests wrought as much as wring the end our silver. — Clair Wills, The brand-new York evaluation of Books, 16 Jan. 2020 Yet another qualm is that human being might misbehave when traveling within a self-driving car. — Lance Eliot, Forbes, 26 may 2021 Our biggest qualm is v their design, i beg your pardon is, synthetic up in a word, noticeable. — Michael Andronico, CNN Underscored, 19 Mar. 2021 Stephen Colbert has a significant qualm with Zack Snyder"s justice League, a.k.a. The Snyder Cut. — Nick Romano, EW.com, 23 Mar. 2021 prior to things got an ext serious v Shane Dawson my biggest qualm was just exactly how much that the stuff in over there wasn’t true. — Madison Malone Kircher, Vulture, 3 Mar. 2021 an additional slight qualm here: there is accurate no means a residence this huge wouldn"t have actually a private understand bathroom because that Georgia, so feels like a quite contrived conflict. — Jean Bentley, refinery29.com, 3 Mar. 2021 The basic qualm is that solid inflation and on-going support from economic stimulation relief packages will trigger the Fed"s immature action— a increase in attention rates. — Naeem Aslam, Forbes, 26 Feb. 2021 Our big qualm with it is that Xbox is still utilizing AA batteries. — Jacob Krol, CNN Underscored, 5 Nov. 2020

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