Radiesse / Sculptra target Lift

A non-surgical butt lift can offer you the rounder and more attractive-looking butt you desire without having actually to undergo surgery. The procedure supplies dermal fillers to add volume to the target in a precise way that enables cosmetic operated doctor Dr. Jane Chung to closely sculpt the form of her buttocks. In ~ Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser, we can provide you with great results from your non-surgical butt lift in san Jose.

What Is a Non-Surgical target Lift?

Sculptra and/or Radiesse, as soon as injected into the buttocks, deserve to help add volume, shape, contour, smooth out cellulite dimples, and also improve the skin’s as whole texture. It can be merged with subcision method when there space cellulite dimples with local anesthesia without downtime. Both filler are recognized for collagen regrowth. The volume increment will get far better when you repeat the injection due to collagen stimulating impact from Radiesse and Sculptra.

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The off-label use of Sculptr a and also Radiesse paired with body contouring therapies like CoolSculpting or Kybella is coming to be increasingly popular as a non-surgical choice for buttocks enhancement.Results have the right to last between two and also three years, although some have reported the Sculptra can continue to enhance collagen production for as long as 5 years, or also longer. By combining two dermal fillers, you have the right to see the immediate result from Radiesse and also ongoing collagen stimulating result from Sculptra together well. For far better butt contouring, Dr. Jane additionally combine a fluid non operation Lipo utilizing Kybella or Deoxycholate to eliminate extra bulges indigenous franks and saddle bags


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Non Surgical target Lift with Sculptra and Radiesse has got a rapidly-growing. Why? that a fast, painless procedure the produces sstisfactory outcomes if you nothing have enough fat come take out or don’t desire to go under the knife. Below are 5 things to store in mind:


Move over, liposuction—there’s simple non-surgical choice for butt-lift proportioning and also volumizing that does not need the use of anesthesia. Instead, Radiesse Sculptra butt Lift counts on a series of straightforward injections come volumize immediately and also stimulate collagen development in order come ultimately provide lift, contouring, and volume to the buttocks area. Due to the fact that the injected Sculptra acts as the dermal collagen stimulator, no liposuction or other surgical steps are needed.


In this fast-paced society, convenience and efficiency space key. An excellent news: Non-Surgical butt Lift offer just that—the treatments space fast, generally taking 30 min to an hour. The process requires numerous treatments, normally one month apart. Here’s an additional time-saving bonus: you don’t have to allot considerable amount the time because that recovery because it needs no significant surgery. The longevity factor is likewise a plus: Non-Surgical target Lift results boost over time and typically last 2 to 3 years.


Because the Non-Srgical target Lift requires no invasive surgery, this is a great option for pain-averse patients. The recovery time is minimal, and also the injections are reasonably painless. Patients space sometimes given a object numbing agent to prevent any discomfort. Note that any type of soreness linked with the procedure is mild in ~ most.

4. IT’S different FROM A BRAZILIAN butt LIFT

Many civilization are curious around how the Sculptra butt Lift different from a Brazilian butt Lift. The main contrast between the two is that the Sculptra butt Lift does no involve surgery, vice versa, the Brazilian procedure does. When Sculptra requires basic injections under the skin during quick treatments, Brazilian target lifts usage a an ext intensive surgical process that requires a liposuction fat graft. Sculptra butt Lifts, thus, are ideal for patients who perform not have locations of fat large enough because that removal and also subsequent injection right into the buttocks. Lastly, a Sculptra butt Lift creates an overall an ext subtle, herbal contouring—a Brazilian butt Lift often produces an ext exaggerated shaping. If there room some similarities, these two treatments ultimately use different approaches to attain different results. If you’re in search of a pain-free alternative with no recovery time necessary and natural-looking enhancements, climate a Sculptra butt Lift is likely a good fit because that you.


Sculptra target Lifts work to gradually volumize the skin. The result? The skin increasingly thickens up to 4 times, leave the buttocks area v a clearly shows lift and intensified roundness. After number of treatments, the buttocks ordinarily maintains this pronounced and also well-proportioned volumizing effects for two to three years

6. CELLULITE GETS much better

Cellulites brought about by fat, tethered by fibrous cords, which produce dimples. Dr. Jane can integrate the subsicion technique to loosen these cords, and also then inject Radiesse or Sculptra in the area to make it plump up over time.

The cost of a Non-Surgical butt Lift

The price of your non-surgical butt lift in january Jose will rely on the form of dermal filler used and the amount of product essential to administer the patient through their ideal results. At Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser we do offer financing options.

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Contact Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser this particular day to schedule a consultation for her non-surgical target lift in mountain Jose. Dr. Woman Chung is a skilled and also experienced cosmetics surgeon that is committed to ensuring she provides every one of our patients with natural-looking results from your non-surgical butt lift in mountain Jose.

A. If friend would choose to boost the shape and size of your buttocks through a natural look, then yes, a Non-Surgical butt Lift is for you. This therapy is additionally a an excellent option for patients who want to prevent anesthesia and more invasive and also painful surgery. Lastly, professionals recommend using the Non-Surgical butt Lift an approach if you carry out not have areas of fat huge enough to do

This procedure accentuates her curves by:

Increasing the volume of her buttocksPromoting collagen growth to tighten the buttocksReducing well lines, wrinkles, and also cellulite

This non-surgical buttock injection works to improve the form of her butt and also is the perfect alternative to surgical target implants. However, this treatment is supposed to progressively increase the buttocks to give you a more“natural” look and feel.


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Why Jenesis?

as soon as it comes to improving your appearance, many civilization are worried around ending up with a bad result. In ~ Jenesis Lipoplasty & Laser, we help people look their best without looking fake or unnatural. Us are well-known for ours eye because that detail and artistic skill so that you will look beautiful and also natural. Personal post From Dr. Jane

Dr. Jane Chung is committed to help you achieve the human body of your desires through customized lipoplasty procedures.



Recontour her Body

Use that gotten rid of fat to boost different elements of your body such together your buttocks, breasts, cheeks, and eyes.

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Safer and more Reliable

Utilizing your very own fat means a lower chance the risks and a an ext natural end-result.