just how Days and also Nights emerged in norse Mythology?

Norse mythology had actually their own way to explain things in the cosmos. Therefore if girlfriend have ever before wondered just how the days and the nights occurred, permit Norse mythology it is in the guide to prize this usual question. In vikings mythology, you can also have countless other herbal phenomena explained. 

Because that the assorted sources we have in this day and also age, we currently have two ways to describe how days and also nights happened according to Norse mythology. 

Sol and also Mani

Sol and Mani to be the names of the guardians the the Sun and the Moon. Sol to be female and Mani to be male. 

When Sol and also Mani exist on the planet, none knew what their responsibilities were till they met the gods. Then the gods arranged because that them to take treatment of the Sun and the Moon. 


Sol and Mani were regularly chased by two wolves called Hati and also Skoll. Till Ragnarok, the wolves finally recorded the Sun and also the Moon sending the people into blackness

Another source from Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson mentioned a various story that Sol and also Mani. They to be sister and also brother pair of person parents. The pair to be so beautiful that everyone love them. However, penalty befell the family members when their father to be so arrogant. For the beauty, beauty of the children, the father dubbed Mani ~ the Moon and Sol ~ the Sun. Come the gods, this was an insult and they were around to punishment this family. Together a punishment, they took far the beautiful twin and placed them increase in the sky to attract the chariots transferring the sun and also the moon across the sky. 

There we have actually the day and night. 

Dagr and Nott

Dagr and also Nott were rather obscure figures in vikings mythology. Although castle had certain roles in the myth, the popular unintentionally overshadowed this figures" names. 


Dagr was the god the Day and Dawn in vikings mythology

Nott was the goddess that night and also she was likewise grandmother the Thor. Nott was noted as a daughter the Norvi a god.

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Nott had actually three marriages: the an initial was Aud, the 2nd was Annar and their daughter to be Jord Thor"s mother, and also the 3rd was Delling and also their boy was Dagr i m sorry later ended up being God the Day and also Dawn.


Nott the god of Night

In Poetic Edda, Odin request a volva where the day and the night came from. Then the volva answered:

Delling hight he who the day"s dad is,but night to be of Nörvi born;the new and waning moonsthe beneficent powers created,to count the years because that men.

An easy to interpret is: Delling is the father of God of the job (Dagr), God that the Night was born by Norvi, and there they had the days and nights which aided them counting the year.