Chartres, the Belle-Verrière Window

The Belle Verrière window of the Cathedral the Chartres

– father Johann Roten, S.M.

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This window is located on the south side of the Cathedral, in ~ the entrance to the choir, in just 14. It consists of twenty-four segments: The three at the bottom of the window depict the 3 temptations the Christ as tape-recorded by Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13. The next six panels tell the story that Christ"s an initial miracle in ~ Cana as recorded in man 2:1-11. The following four main panels show four angels upholding a throne and also the Virgin Mary and her Son, Jesus. Ten small side panels depict angels doing homage come Mary and also Jesus. The main panel over May"s head mirrors the divine Spirit as a dove. 1. A devil tempts Christ, mirroring him a stone. 2. Christ stand on the pinnacle the the Temple. 3. Christ, on a mountain, sends out the devil away. 4. Adhered to by his disciples, Christ goes to Cana. 5. The Wedding banquet at Cana. 6. Mary speaks come Christ. 7. Mary speaks to the waiters. 8. Christ transforms the water into wine. 9. Among the waiters brings part wine to the steward the the feast. 10.-11.-12. Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere (Our Lady the the Beautiful Window). 13. The divine Spirit in the type of a dove, sends forth 3 rays of light upon the halo approximately Mary"s head. 14. 4 angels uphold the throne ~ above which mary is seated. 15.-16.-17.-18. Angels through censers 19.-20. Angeles bearing candles. 21.-22. Angels through censers, whose big bowls to fill up the north spaces about Mary"s head. 23.-24. Angels with hands joined arise from clouds.

In 1194 a fire ruined Chartres" previously Cathedral. The the twelfth-century home windows that survived, only this number of Mary and also the huge windows at the west finish were the just ones reputed worth reusing through the thirteenth century master. This image of Mary has actually for century been an item of distinct veneration and since the fifteenth century has actually been known as ours Lady that the Beautiful Window. In 1906, the glazier Gaudin revitalized Mary"s head. While prior to Mary"s stare was addressed straight ahead, she head is now inclined an extremely slightly towards the viewer"s left.

Mary is sit on a throne, her feet resting on a footstool, covered with a rug. She is pull on in a garment of a bright, luminous blue. Her head, surrounding by a blue nimbus bordered with pearls, is surmounted by a rich crown. A white veil drops in crease on either side of she head. She hands remainder on the shoulders of she Son, that is seated on she knees. A cruciform nimbus is approximately his head. His appropriate hand is increased in blessing. In his left hand the holds one open book where we read the words:

Omnis vallis implebitur ("Every valley shall be filled.") that is a prophecy the the Incarnation discovered in Isaiah"s 40:4 and also recalled by john the Baptist in Luke 3:5.


The numbers of Mary and Jesus emerge against a background of magnificent red. The images are drawn with the biggest care. The garments with their symmetrical folds, the accessories along your borders, the architecture of the throne, every is treated with the minute attention to detail, there is no detracting indigenous the ingredient of the whole.

It is complicated to find a theme that unifies the whole window. The Temptation of Christ in the wilderness and also the wonder at Cana space two that the earliest cases in the general public life of Christ. Over there is no agreement amongst scholars why the glazier decided to encompass them here.

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Image shown: Notre-Dame de la Belle-Verrière -The upper portion of the home window (12 C and 13 C) in the southern aisle of the choir.