In currently You view Me 2, Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) performs a trick - he makes the rain droplets prevent mid-air. He climate proceeds to do the rain drops go up (i.e. Versus gravity). Finally, he provides the droplets move in several various directions.

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At the end of his act, he mentions the the cheat was brought out using the strobe lights and rain machines mounted nearby. Offered this statement, is there a plausible explanation for just how he completed the trick?



Somehow. It functions small-scale in managed environment, the is shown in the Macao cheat shop. There it is a little box.

You require a regulated frequency of drops and a synchronised strobe. You don"t watch the very same drop lit moving upwards however the following drop a bit over the critical one therefore it seems that it move upwards.

I doubt the is feasible to recreate it large-scale as presented in the movie.


The effect is referred to as "Levitating Water". There are a most YouTube videos showing it in a smaller format. I"m actually pretty certain there"s no means to do it prefer he did it in the movie, because as quickly as girlfriend touch the water, the illusion breaks and you deserve to see the water "falling".

I want to add an main answer the what the phenomenon is called. ~ above the this day show, David Copperfield who served as a consultant for the movie actually defines what the reverse rain effect is based on. The trick is based upon the Wagon-wheel effect or additionally referred to together the stroboscopic effect.

Essentially what wake up is by playing about with lighting you can make it seem like something has a slower frame rate than it actually is. Because that rain, what you room seeing is the strobing light the rain in the exactly intervals to do it seem favor they are staying still, walking up, etc. Atlast additionally reveals this at the really end wherein he shows there space UV lights inside wall up on the floor together with the rain makers that are creating the rain.

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David Copperfield discover the secret to ‘Now You watch Me 2’ water illusion

In the movie, if you walk to the to around 45 minute in, ~ the twins Merritt and Chase room talking, you"ll watch Wilder stumbles ~ above the device which is well-known as a strobe fountain the illustrates the cheat (and ns guess this step was likewise to foreshadow the magic and also give one explanation for the inspiration).