Authors: Janice J. Thompson, Melinda ManoreFile Size: 66 MBFormat: PDFLength: 787 pagesPublisher: Pearson; fifth editionPublication Date: August 24, 2017Language: EnglishASIN: B072R54FSLISBN-10: 0134516230, 0134607775ISBN-13: 9780134516233, 9780134607771

Nutrition: An used Approach (5th Edition) – eBook PDF:


Janice J. Thompson

Dr. Janice Thompson earned a doctorate in nutrition and also exercise physiology at Arizona State University. She is at this time Professor that Public wellness Nutrition and Exercise in ~ the university of Birmingham, UK. She research focuses on designing and assessing the influence of physical task and nutrition interventions to reduce the dangers for cardiovascular disease, obesity, and form 2 diabetes in high-risk populations. She additionally teaches nutrition and also research approaches courses and also mentors graduate research study students.

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Janice is a other of the American college of Sports medicine (ACSM), a member the the American society for Nutrition (ASN), the British combination of Sport and Exercise science (BASES), and the Nutrition society and a member of the clinical Committee the the European university of sporting activities Science. She won an undergraduate teaching award while in ~ the university of phibìc Carolina, Charlotte, a ar Engagement award while in ~ the college of Bristol, and the ACSM citation Award for her contributions to education, research and service come the practice Sciences.

In enhancement to The science of Nutrition, Janice coauthored the Pearson textbooks Nutrition: An used Approach and Nutrition because that Life with Melinda Manore. Professor Thompson loves yoga, hiking, traveling, and also cooking delicious food. She likes virtually every vegetable except fennel and believes coco should be listed as a food group.

Melinda Manore

Dr. Melinda Manore earned a doctorate in person nutrition through minors in health and also exercise physiology in ~ Oregon State university (OSU). She is the previous chair of the OSU room of Nutrition and also Food Management and is right now a professor of nutrition. Before OSU, Dr. Manore to be a professor at Arizona State University. She area of expertise is exercise and also nutrition, particularly the duty of exercise and also diet in health and prevention that chronic disease, practice performance, and energy balance. She has a special focus on the energy and also nutritional needs of energetic girls and also women throughout the life cycle.

Professor Manore is an energetic member the the American university of Sports medicine (ACSM) and also Academy that Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). She is the previous chair the the and also Research Dietetic exercise Group; served on the and also Obesity Steering Committee; and also is an energetic member the the Sports, Cardiovascular, and also Wellness Nutrition practice Group. Melinda is a fellow of ACSM and also has served as angry president and also on the board of Trustees and also received the ACSM quote Award for she contributions to research, education, and also service come the exercise Sciences.

Dr. Manore is additionally a member of the American culture of Nutrition (ASN) and the weight problems Society. She offer on the editorial plank of plenty of research journals and also has winner awards for excellence in teaching and also research. Manore also coauthored the Pearson textbooks Nutrition: An applied Approach and Nutrition because that Life with janice Thompson. Manore is an avid hiker, walker, and also former jogger who loves to cook, garden, and also eat an excellent food.

Nutrition: An used Approach (5th Edition) – eBook

Nutrition concepts used to our everyday lives – Nutrition: An used Approach fifth edition (PDF) introduces non-majors (or also majors) come nutrition with creative format that promotes long-term finding out without rote memorization. An essential focus locations include: fluid and electrolyte balance, features of vitamins and minerals in the body, bone health, power metabolism, antioxidant function, and also blood health. The 5th Edition shows exactly how nutrition concepts apply to our daily lives with new chapters ~ above sustainability, food equity, and also obesity. A brand-new suite of ABC News Videos and Focus Figures explore human disease, nutrition, and also nutrients discovered in food. To communicate college college student and help them learn, understand, and retain even the most complicated concepts, every thing now has Learning Outcomes and also a new study arrangement that connects to Mastering™ Nutrition analysis quizzes and also exercises.

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Mastering™ Nutrition is an online assessment, homework and tutorial routine designed to work-related with this textbook to communicate all students and improve your results. Self-paced, interactive tutorials provide individualized coaching to assist students stay on track. V a wide range of tasks available, college students can proactively learn, understand, and retain also the most an overwhelming concepts.

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