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The very first step is come figure out the chemistry formula for calcium phosphate. Since we understand that calcium is a metal, this will be one ionic bond. Calcium is created as Ca and also has a fee of +2. Phosphate is composed as PO4 with a charge of -3. Come come up v the subscripts for this formula, overcome the charges. That method that friend will acquire


Next, calculate how numerous grams one molecule that calcium is. Calcium has an atomic load of 40, and also there room 3 molecules of calcium, therefore 40 x 3 = 120. Phosphorus has an atomic weight of 31, and also there are 2 molecule of phosphorus, for this reason 31 x 2 = 62. Oxygen has actually an atomic load of 16, and there space 8 molecule of oxygen, for this reason 16 x 8 = 128. Including all of those together provides you 310 g.

Now, using stoichiometry, we can number out the question. We know that there room 230 grams. We additionally know that one mole weighs 310 g. If you divide 230 by 310, you will acquire your, i beg your pardon is 0.74 moles.

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Which term below represents a pure problem that have the right to be separated chemically, however cannot it is in separated physically, the is do

Molecules are comprised of plenty of atoms and also can just be separated by chemical means

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Which the the following gases is not an important component that soil?
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A link decomposes through a first-order process. If 25.0% of the compound decomposes in 60.0 minutes, the half-life of the compou
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For this problem, we usage the integrated rate legislation for an initial order degeneration which is expressed together follows:An = Aoe^-ktwhere one is the quantity left after ~ time t, Ao isthe initial amount and also k is a constant. We, first, must calculate for the constant k by using the given ratio that An and Ao in ~ a given time. We calculate k together follows:

An = Aoe^-kt.25 =e^-k(60)

k = 0.023 / min

At half-life, the ratio of An and also Ao is same to 1/2 or .50. We calculate the half-life together follows:

An = Aoe^-kt

0.5 = e^-0.023 (t)

t = 30 minutes

The half-life that the compound would certainly be 30 minutes.

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