Episode 15 of History"s Vikings Season 4 was a brutal one. However, it was the arrival of a mysterious new character in ~ the really end that really got world talking. So, that is this one-eyed man and how will he influence the show moving forward into Season 5?

Spoiler alert: This write-up discusses illustration 15 the Season 4 of background Channel"s Vikings and also the historical facets of part characters. Please continue with caution if you great to avoid spoilers.

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While many of episode 15 of Vikings encountered the fate the Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), in ~ the very end of the episode, history threw in a curve-ball by means of a mysterious new character.

As the episode 15 wound up, a delivery arrived. Over the optimal of that flew what shows up to it is in a team of ravens. On the ship, a one-eyed male looks out throughout the water favor he is trying to find something -- or someone.


So, that is this one-eyed man, and what does his arrival average moving front in Season 4 that Vikings?

For those who have actually read the historic stories about the Vikings, the evident assumption come make right here is the the god Odin has just arrived in Kattegat. The Norse thought that the gods walked amongst them. In fact, Ragnar himself thought he was a direct descendant that Odin, make his arrival in Ragnar"s home, ~ his death, fairly fitting.

Odin to be a god who had a thirst for knowledge. According to vikings Mythology, his need was so an excellent he when hung himself in stimulate to discover the runes used typically in Viking culture. Ragnar newly tried hanging self in Season 4 the Vikings, and also this might have to be a nod come Odin"s story, particularly considering he was surrounding by a flock of ravens, miscellaneous else the is associated with Odin.

Another point Odin go in his search for understanding was gouge out his very own eye in ~ Mimir"s well in order come drink that knowledge-laden water. This is just how he came to be known as the one-eyed god.


Odin getting here in Kattegat at a time when Ragnar has died, Ivar (Alex Hogh) is search revenge and also Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) has actually taken over can be a portent because that what will happen in Season 4 and further on into Season 5 of Vikings. If Ragnar yes, really is a descendant that Odin, that is possible the god would show up after ~ his death.

However, over there is someone else in the history of the Vikings that was additionally one-eyed.

Hagen to be a germanic half-elf character that was also one-eyed. This personality is sometimes connected with Aslaug"s (Alyssa Sutherland) father, Sigurd. Considering Aslaug has actually just been murdered through Lagertha, it is possible someone linked with she family might show up to seek retribution. However, in the germanic saga Thidreks, Hagen is attributed with killing Aslaug"s father. So, maybe he is arriving to congratulate Lagertha, rather than to side v Aslaug.


However, when Hagen was connected with Aslaug"s parents, he also lived thousands of years previously than the present events unfolding in History"s Vikings, so it doesn"t seem likely this is the one-eyed character checked out at the end of illustration 15. However, considering Ragnar and also Rollo (Clive Standen) were never ever brothers and lived plenty of years apart follow to the background books, it appears anything can be possible.

While it is still unsure yet who the one-eyed guy really is, us do have actually a surname for this actor: Andre Eriksen. Follow to IMDb, he is attributed as play the "Black Cloaked Figure" in illustration 15 (entitled "All His Angels") the Vikings Season 4.

Entertainment Weekly additionally hinted they would present a "key new character" next week. They walk not cite who this character to be or as soon as they would certainly be showing up in Vikings, so whether it is the one-eyed male or no is completely speculation at this point.

Who do you think the one-eyed man is in illustration 15 of Vikings? You can let us know by vote in the vote below.

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Vikings return to background Channel v Episode 16 on Wednesday, January 4 in ~ 9 p.m. ET.

The synopsis for illustration 16 (titled "Crossing") the Vikings Season 4, follow to Carter Matt, is below."Bjorn"s fleet launches a surprised attack, when Lagertha"s quest for power continues in Kattegat."