One of this is not choose that other—and that"s great! This tenderness subversive picture book point out out— and celebrates!— the differences between subjects.Barney Saltzberg"s hilarious and also delightfully straight text and simple illustrations introduce youngsters to the concept and splendor the inclusiveness, with recognizing who or what"s various on every spread and celebrating the unity as it is.For example, the reader sees 3 cows and also an elephant accompanied by the message "One of this is not like the other," revolve the page... And also all four pets take part in an exuberant conga line and also say "that"s just fine through us"!In a collection of similar examples kids are encouraged to notice both the similarities and also differences in between characters and also celebrate both. Barney Saltzberg"s snapshot book is a pointed and timely tribute come the strength of inclusivity and also as well together a riotous read-aloud.

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Barney Saltzberg is the writer of over 40 publications for children, consisting of Hug This Book, Beautiful Oops! and also the bestselling animal Kisses series, v over 800,000 duplicates in print. He"s recorded four albums the songs because that children and lives in Los Angeles.

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"A perfect read-aloud the celebrates the pleasure of embracing differences."—Booklist " winsome spin on the spot-the-difference principle while sending, with humor, the missive that diversity and collaboration are to be unequivocally celebrated."—Publishers Weekly "Young readers will jump in ~ the opportunity to allude out the differences. Yet those differences are what space celebrated! . . . Subversive and clever, this book challenges readers to adjust habits that thought."—Kirkus Reviews "Using amusing illustrations and basic couplets, Saltzberg celebrates differences. . . . The generous usage of white an are lets the humorous cartoon illustrations really pop."—School Library Journal   "The art uses plenty that white room to good effect, placing the guileless creatures front and center and allowing viewers to notification variation. Upon not-that-close examination, because that example, we check out that no one of the supposedly corresponding figures is exactly the very same in appearance, behavior, or both, a point that gently underscores the text’s welcome be-yourself message." —The Horn Book   "Fans of Sandra Boynton’s artwork and also humor will certainly love this cheerfully man tribute come individuality. Penguins, pandas, cows, and a variety of surprise creatures line up versus a distinguishable white backdrop because that comparison. Every spread features three things that are just alike, and also one that is decidedly different. Rabbits and a bicycle? Snails and an alien? find out exactly how they every fit together in this quirky, good time celebration that stands up because that standing out."—Foreword Reviews

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