Driving drums and also a punchy etc line: ‘You’ve obtained Time’ is Regina Spektor’s enduring theme tune for ‘Orange is the new Black’. Yes a great reason it’s coming earlier for Season 7…

‘You’ve gained Time’ was written, composed and performed through Regina Spektor especially for the Netflix TV series, Orange is the brand-new Black.

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Spektor stated she created the track while “thinking around the idea that what it need to be choose to be in prison and also the various states the mind.”

The design template song has featured in all six collection of Orange is the brand-new Black, and is set to open the upcoming last series, i m sorry comes out on Friday 26 July.

It was nominated for a Grammy compensation for ideal Song composed for visual Media in 2014, noting Spektor’s an initial Grammy nomination.

Who is Regina Spektor?

Regina Spektor is an American singer-songwriter and also pianist, known for her indie-pop access time ‘Us’ and also ‘Fidelity’.

Jenji Kohan, who developed Orange is the brand-new Black, said: “I listened come Regina’s albums obsessively while composing the series, so I automatically thought of her for our theme song.”

Despite finding she fame in ‘anti-folk’ music, Spektor flourished up listening to classic music, finding out a love for the piano when she started practising on an old Petrof upright in her family members home in Moscow, Russia.

But once she to be nine and a fifty percent years old, her family members emigrated from the Soviet Union come the US, leaving the treasured piano behind. ~ that, Spektor practised on tabletops and also any other hard surfaces she could find, prior to winning a ar to study classical piano at the Manhattan college of Music in brand-new York City.

In 2012, she to be made an main ‘Steinway Artist’, and practically exclusively dram Steinway & sons pianos.

Regina Spektor performs at royal Albert room in London. Picture: Getty

When is the final collection Orange is the new Black out?

The much-anticipated final series of Orange is the new Black will be exit on Netflix on Friday 26 July 2019.

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Shortly after the release date was announced by Netflix, Kohan mutual a picture of the entire cast and also crew marking the finish of filming, i m sorry she captioned, ‘This is a family’.

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This is a family. #OITNB

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Listen to the complete soundtrack here

The soundtrack for the Netflix series boasts one eclectic mix of old-school popular music hits, indie and also rap. Have actually a listen on Spotify below.