64 food tiles16 guest checks1 diner die1 contact bellInstruction

Object the the Game

Be the first player to finish your guest checks by following the dice actions and also grabbing dishes native the facility of the playing area that match your orders.

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Place the contact bell and also diner die in the center of the playing area.

Shuffle the guest checks and deal 2 to every player (2 come 3 player game) or one to every player (4 to 6 player game). Arrange your guest checks challenge up in prior of you. Place the remaining out the play.

Shuffle the food tiles and also randomly place four tiles challenge up roughly the bell to type the serving Area. Ridge the remainder of the tiles challenge down into four even stacks between the players.


Game Play

The critical player come eat pie starts the game. On her turn, roll the diner die and take among the following actions, depending on the result of her roll:

Order's Up!

All players gyeongju to ring the bell. The first player come ring it it s okay to take one brick from the serving Area and include it to a matching an are on his guest check.

If no one of the face-up tiles match an empty space, draw one tile from any kind of face-down stack and add it to her guest check if the matches. Otherwise, include it face up come the serving Area.

Note: Hands might never float over the bell!

Free Meal

Take your an option of anyone brick from the offer Area and add it come a matching space on your guest check. If nobody of the face-up tiles complement an north space, attract one brick from any type of face-down stack and add it to her guest examine if the matches. Otherwise, add it face up come the serving Area.

Add two Tiles

Take 2 tiles from any kind of stack and add them face up come the offer Area.

Order Mix Up!

Looks choose the chef gave you the not correct order. Take one of your incomplete guest check (including tiles) and also swap it with any type of opponent's. You need to swap a guest check, also if friend don't want to. However, perfect guest checks space protected and also can't be swapped.


It's her break time. If any other player roll Order's Up!, you might not ring the bell till your following turn. ~ you've completed her turn, happen the dice to the player top top the left.

Wild Tiles


There space four types of wild tiles in the game: cost-free Entree, cost-free Refills, totally free Dessert, and Special of the Day. The an initial three wild tiles might only it is in substituted because that the item pictured on the tiles.

However, the special of the Day may be substituted for any tile. You may move wild tiles approximately on your guest check if friend later obtain an actual corresponding tile native the offer Area.

Restocking the serving area

There should always be in ~ least 4 tiles in the offer Area at all times. If there are much less than four at the start of any turn, include tiles from any kind of stack face-up come the serving Area.

Ring Wrong

If you ever before ring the bell by mistake, you must take one brick from your guest check and also return it challenge up come the offer Area.

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End that the Game

As shortly as you've matched every the items on her guest check(s), scream "Check Please!" and win the game.