Some side impacts of the birth control pill Orsythia (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) have the right to go far after the first three months. These include: nausea or vomitinglight vaginal bleeding in between periodsweight get or fluid retentionbreast tendernesseye uncomfortable while wearing call lensesBirth regulate pills choose Orsythia can additionally cause side results that may not walk away. These are much less common and include: a patchy darkening that skin top top the face or other areas when exposed to sunlightabdominal cramps, pain and bloatingbreast discharge or enlargementjaundiceweight acquire or loss and also changes in appetitemigraine headachesdepressionvaginal dischargemissed periodsvaginal yeast infectionsunusual hair growthrashespancreatitischanges in libidoworsening that varicose veinsSerious side results are not common yet can occur. Lock include: blood clots in the legs or lungsstrokeheart attackliver tumors and severe bleeding in the liverhigh blood pressureAsk your physician what symptoms must be a red flag, and also call for medical assist if girlfriend think you can be having actually a severe reaction to Orsythia. Girlfriend should likewise talk come your doctor if you have symptoms that stroked nerves you or don"t walk away.

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