Oxygen Not included has been ultimately released and out that early access after a lengthy year which requires a space colony simulation game in an asteroid or one alien space rock. Friend will must overcome the new lifeforms and create a perfect environment and colony which will be able to support your crews and also harness incredible space tech come survive. For every the brand-new players it would certainly be pretty confusing together there would certainly be loads of info on everywhere the screen.

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As you begin the game and also hop right into the survival mode which is tantamount to the standard an obstacle and picking your very first three Duplicants will certainly initiate the colonizing. In this guide, we have explained whatever you need to learn about the game and also the mechanics involved which will aid you stability learn and also enjoy it.

Beginner’s overview For Oxygen not Included

Choosing Duplicants

It can not be the most essential task that the game, yet it deeply involves and also affects the growth of your colony. You can rename if girlfriend want, to simply aid you additional in the game according to their traits or Attributes. Speak of Attributes and Traits, these are the only advantageous information friend will need to emphasis while choosing the Duplicants.

In the Traits, friend will notification the text colors red and also green. It’s much better to focus on red color texts as they indicate their negative Traits and according to it, it’s much better to overlook the Duplicants whose an unfavorable Traits involves- Loud Sleeper, Anemic, Allergies, and Flatulent. Friend can counter these an adverse Traits for example, building beds far enough so that the loud Sleeper would not influence others or also Allergies would certainly be controlled if girlfriend let them stay away from Bristle blossom or any kind of spore create plants.

Talking about Attributes, you can check and understand each of lock by navigating the cursor on top of the details attributes. For starters, digging, building and also cooking should be emphasized.

User Interface


As friend select and also warp into the asteroid, friend will find tons of information on her screen. Native the left, the cycle suggests the number of days and also the symbols beside it suggests the populace size, tension level and also sick duplicants and also the quantity of food stored as displayed in the picture and marked in red.

At the start in Oxygen no Included, the lot of food is enough to survive your 3 Duplicants as much as 5 Cycles and as you increase the number of Duplicants, the usage rate that food will likewise increase. Stress can be monitored and they have the right to be diminished if the morales are raised which we have explained later.

Under the icon, friend will uncover the speed section which controls the game speed marked in blue. The important tasks or goals are indicated below but first, let’s learn much more about various other functions. ~ above the map or screen, you can click on any type of substance or player to obtain information which will certainly further permit you come strategize your next step. For example– Select any Duplicants and monitor their conditions as well as assign “To Do” List.

On optimal of the ideal screen listed below Overlays, girlfriend will also find the resource list which is useful and can be referred to once you room growing and building up her colony.


Now we start digging up and building necessary components yet foremost the 3 most necessary and straightforward needs for the survive you would require to care of will be- Oxygen, Food and also Sanitizing.

For Oxygen, there would be plenty in ~ the beginning and also it will slowly deplete per cycle as it is consumed by her Duplicants and Carbon Dioxides space emitted. The lot of CO2 and also O2 are shown as Red and Blue sprays respectively once you choose the very first icon i.e. Oxygen Overlay native the “Overlays” tab. The general concepts of the colour are notified when you click on the Oxygen Overlays. Oxygen Diffuser would be the perfect an option as it support 5 Duplicants. Girlfriend can check it emits 500g/s that Oxygen and the intake rate of per Duplicants space 100g/s.Next comes, Food i beg your pardon is an pure necessary but as friend have sufficient stock native the start to critical 5 Cycles, friend can focus on other structure components. If you further insist and also want to store foods at the beginning, the cracked tiles top top Sands and Sandstone have actually a possibility to fall Critter Egg or Mucker roots. Friend can even harvest the Bristle Blossom and it is recommended to auto harvest all of them by pushing “Y” and also dragging a totality lot of bunch together.Finally, the Sanitizing result of your colony permits you to repel Germs and create a healthy and balanced surrounding in one unknown place. Friend can develop Wash container which will certainly be under medicine Tab next to an Outhouse to stop them indigenous polluting the area and multiplying germs and also polluting the food. Each Duplicants have the bladder price that can be checked out under the conditions.Building Setup

At first, you would certainly need much more space to fit lot of equipments and it is encourage to usage Tiles and also Ladders to plan multiple storey. Together you have cleared the dirts and accumulated enough an are after collecting the steel Ores as your building blocks, build and place the hand-operated Generator and Battery i beg your pardon is obtainable under power Section.

Install all the Generators and also Mechanical Equipments ~ above a specific side of your swarm as lock generate warmth which increases the temperature. For cultivation crops and plants, girlfriend will need mild temperature which have the right to be grown at an opposite side of her machinery. As soon as you have built your strength generator, battery and research station, affix them through wire which will certainly additionaly price you few more steel Ore.

The environment-friendly indication that number in hand-operated Generator means the lot of power Generated and also the white indicates the lot of strength which will certainly be consumed. It is always recommended to construct them up end tiles together the effects clearly informs you about the negative Decor. The tiles deserve to be constructed from different materials, for starters friend can build with the help of gathered Sandstone. Lastly, friend can’t forget to build Oxygen Diffuser and also connect them with wires to stop worrying about the Oxygen Depletion price in Oxygen no Included.

Food Supplies

Further explaining around Food Supplies, once you have produced the study Center and also initiated the research, you can dig the underground to store foods items in the Ration crate and administer Ladder to let the Duplicants access them easily. Why Underground, well together the cycles store on increasing and the variety of Duplicants, the lot of CO2 will likewise increase and also as CO2 is heavy it will certainly accumulate listed below which will certainly also help your foodstuffs to keep long and safe by decreasing the disk rate.

Multiple Planter box deserve to be inserted beside the Ration box and once you have actually the seeds enough to plant and grow the crop, friend can select one or many Planter Box through the assist of Copy Settings.


The Priority rate is always noted and most important feature to assign a job-related to Duplicants in Oxygen not Included. Food Storage demands to be prioritized more than building and digging brand-new areas. Every Duplicants excels in a details task and also if they space assigned or prioritized come their distinct tasks would certainly save an ext time and also increase the amount of work done.


As shown in the image above, the jobs are mentioned and the pink highlighted color notifies the they excels in distinctive tasks. Boost their key priority level and permit it. There would certainly be one more sub priority bar discussed while clicking to a specific task or machine. The main priority will not flinch untill you push the peak Priority switch as presented in the image listed below for Oxygen no Included.




Each Duplicants have their particular attributes and also they excels on specific tasks. These an abilities are enhanced by raising the Duplicant skills by pressing “J” as shown in the image above. Brand-new recruited Duplicants are detailed a skill point at the beginning which can be invest unlike the an initial three Duplicants i m sorry you took from the beginning.


As we have actually mentioned above, over there is a Bladder price which deserve to be seen as per every Duplicant information. As the moment goes, they have an urgency to relax themselves for this reason releasing the polluted water which is in which method breathable but they accumulate and multiply virus in the surrounding surroundings. For that, they need Outhouse, Water container in an attached room.

Firstly, you will must dig and connect the ladder for her Duplicants to with and accessibility the water area. Develop Pitcher Pump to collect and also transport water to her base. Once you deserve to gather and also have a it is provided of water, just enclose a tunnel as presented in the image and place Water basin before the Outhouse. Under Refinement, friend can develop a Compost next to Outhouse so the you can deposit all the materials whenever that is full.


Once girlfriend have whatever placed close come each other in a single vicinity, place a Door and also close the upper space with tiles to produce a Toiletroom or restroom as shown in the picture which will additionally increase the Morale. Now your base will certainly not gain polluted and also the opportunities of Duplicants gaining sick would decrease. Friend can also mop the spilled fluid by choosing the mop symbol beside the harvest symbol situated in ~ the bottom appropriate of the corner.

Morale and Stress

Morale and Stress work-related hand to hand. If a Duplicant feeling a load or gain any type of debuffs, they will certainly experience stress which have the right to be reduced by increasing the morale. Morales needed have to exceed from the forced rate which can be perceived under “Consumables”. Another method of decreasing stress would it is in to decrease the occupational time by clicking just listed below the day cycle symbol that will open the Schedule Editor screen as displayed in the image. Decrease the job-related Time, hence increase the Downtime to provide a boost to the morale if you room struggling as result of Stress.


The final component of the overview would be germs which deserve to be viewed by selecting Germs Overlay from the “Overlays” Tab in Oxygen not Included. Friend can’t overlook these germs together they to decrease the effectiveness of the Duplicants and make them noble or periodically encourage this Germs to spread. Friend can inspect whether the Duplicants space exposed come the virus on your status.

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To cure this Germs, girlfriend will require to complete the research on medicine and require the Duplicants who has medical skills.