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Patient is a 33-year-old female. Patient had actually a panniculectomy to eliminate the overabundance skin of her abdomen. The pre-operative and post-operative pictures were taken two months apart.

Patient is a 42-year-old female. She shed 170 lbs because her gastric bypass surgery and was involved with excess ab skin that was leading to rashes. The patient had a fleur-de-lis panniculectomy surgical procedure to remove the overabundance skin. This specific panniculectomy procedure includes vertical and horizontal intersecting scars. The pre-operative and also post-operative photos to be taken 3 months apart.

“He was attentive, gentle, compassionate and also overall extremely skilled. Huntington beach’s finest and most experienced.”– Happy Patient


Achieve her aesthetic and also reconstructive goals at California Aesthetic Center! Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve T. Vu MD performs a full selection of aesthetic and also cosmetic plastic surgery, including mommy makeovers, chest augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, ship tucks, facelifts, and much more in Huntington Beach, Orange County, and also Inland Empire. Her dream human body starts here!

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