The similarities and also differences between the Parthenon, ~ above which occupational was perfect in roughly 432 B.C.E. In the Greek city-state that Athens, and the Pantheon, developed for the emperor Hadrian approximately 125 C.E. In Rome, are many. The very first major similarity the one can point to is the both were constructed as temples to the gods. However even in this function, there space differences between them. The Parthenon was constructed to commemorate one goddess, Athena, the patron goddess that Athens, when the Pantheon was developed to commemorate every the roman inn gods and goddesses (which were Greek anyway).

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The most major difference that deserve to be viewed is the actual structure of the two temples themselves. The Parthenon is a rectangular structure, when the key structure the the Pantheon is constructed to save on computer a round (so, one if you’re looking in ~ it native above). The fronts that the two structures look really similar, with room for sculptures and scenes above supported by columns. The Romans took that a lot aside from that though, with a very large version of the Greek facade we see on the Parthenon (not the same sculptures or anything favor that, just the general idea). The columns space much larger than something the Greeks ever used, and each shaft is one piece of stone, vice versa, the Greek columns were typically made in sections. The columns that the Parthenon room of the Doric order, if the columns that the Pantheon look to be of the Corinthian stimulate (basically, a lot much more fancy). The columns (and facade as a whole, ns believe) that the Pantheon was made out of granite imported native Egypt, a symbol of their manage over stated area, whereas most Greek architecture (for public works at least) to be done with marble, i beg your pardon is the case with the Parthenon.

The perfect sphere had by the external structure that the Pantheon is geometry made manifest, I intend you can say. It is a perfect example of one of the ideas the Romans borrowed from the Greeks (Euclidian geometry) and also were able come use, in this case due come the truth that they had actually concrete. The structure of the Pantheon would not be able to stay with each other without concrete; the huge stress the the form of the sphere would put on the wall surfaces would cause them come collapse uneven there to be something stop the stones together (the concrete). The Greeks didn’t have any type of concrete or similar stuff (to mine knowledge), so their structures were just slab the marble on peak of slab that marble.

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This method that lock couldn’t really attain any that those complex architectural feats that the Romans to be able to (concrete made a large difference). An example of this would certainly be the sparing use of the arch in Greek architecture, conversely, the arch was an extremely prevalent in Roman architecture (and climate we have the Pantheon, which is really simply a bunch of arches arrayed in a circular sample on both political parties of a horizontal plane, when you think around it).