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We uncovered 1 possible solution in our database equivalent the query Passage between Sicily and the toe the Italy

Possible Solution

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New York times CluesOctober 21, 2016
'1984' concern
'Before ___ you walk ...'
'Bird top top ___' (Mel Gibson/Goldie Hawn comedy)
'Little ___'
'Mila 18' novelist
'___ complicated'
Abbr. After many a military name
Ad follower?
Arteries: Abbr
Band indigenous the East
Batman co-creator Bob
Blyth the 'Mildred Pierce'
Clue follower: Abbr
Cousin of a zebra
Cross words
Definitive disclaimer
Didn't mince words
Doesn't require a thing
Fictional location character that declares 'How puzzling every these alters are!'
French thinker?
Frequent flier
Gendered Spanish suffix
Go, because that one
Gulf battle ally
Hit the ground
It comes through strings attached
It's the no problem to a usurer
Just slightly
Labor day highlight
Large beer mug
Memphis- based document label
Model X maker
More 보다 more
Occasion for dragon dances
Ones do the rules?

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Opposed to weaving?
Org. With many banned Super key ads
Passage between Sicily and also the toe of Italy
Perfume named for Baryshnikov
Picked up on
Pre-buffet declaration
Prize because that Pizarro
Round openings in domes
Scottish refusal
Seas overseas
Server's bread and also butter
Sheep-counting times
Shirley that 'Goldfinger'
Showed caution, in a way
Something that could interrupt a flight, for short
Sounds during a massage
Sub standard?
Take home, perhaps?
Take legitimate action, say
Tin anniversary
Transparent sheet
Twenty: Prefix
Way up
What's left ~ above a farm?
Whistle blower?
Word before or after 'what'
___ scripta (statutes)