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by Gordon

love & heart

You have the right to tell from your very first glance the this artist create this instrument through 100% the his experience and attention! A terrific piece through magical sound :)

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by Betsy L.

ns am an extremely excited to learn how to usage the pipes!

I loved receiving my Andean pipes! they were contained in a lovely delivering case and also the pipe themselves to be meticulously cut and bound together. My only problem is that I carry out not know just how to pat them! ns was maybe to obtain some soft notes the end of lock which to be great, however I plainly need instruction. It would be wonderful if the very skilled artisan, Benito Tito, might put with each other a beginner?s guide to help someone like me get started. I would be very willing to pay extra because that a beginner?s guide to making use of the pipes created by an professional like Benito Tito.

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by Joseph

Homemade Music

Each year in ~ Christmas ns look at the wgc2010.org directory for gifts specifically from Peru. I have no idea yet how this flute sounds but it look at elegant and also hand made simply the sort of gift i love come give.

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"Aiding in the preservation of our music heritage is mine family"s legacy. We have very closely crafted traditional instruments because that generations."

Benito Tito, known to his friends together Tito, was born in 1945 in the Huancane province of Peru"s Sierra Sur.He is an experienced at crafting timeless Peruvian music instruments. This is a household legacy, inherited from his grandparents and relatives. Curiously, Benito never ever used this knowledge... Read more


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