No issue what you’re into, Pillars of forever has enough extra content to keep you liven for hours. This is miscellaneous we recognize first-hand, as we"ve been hard at work-related playing the game and creating content well prior to its official release come gamers worldwide.

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Previously, us covered all of the Pillars of forever side quests in act I, and what you"ll uncover for side searches in act II. This time out we"ll shift our focus to all that is involved with the Pillars of forever side pursuits in act III.

Of course, if you"ve however to pick the video game up, be certain to inspect out our comprehensive review of Pillars that Eternity. Should that convince you come buy it, you might additionally want to spend a few moments v our character creation guide.


Side Quest: Sacrificial Bloodlines

Head right into the hall of warrior in Elm’s Reach and also speak v a man named Simoc. Throughout the conversation he will ask you come kidnap an Orlan girl from among the homes in Hearthsong and also escort her to store Wrdha for a sacrificial ritual.

While leave the hall of Warriors, Simoc’s son will approach and ask you not to finish the task. If girlfriend ask what else he has in mind, he will advise friend to toxicity his father and also end every plans because that the upcoming sacrifice.

If you choose to follow Simoc’s plan, take trip to Hearthsong and also kidnap the small girl indigenous the Glafanthan home. You’ll get assaulted on your way out, but fight and also then escape come Elm’s with to get in the Blood Land’s cave. Speak v Keeper Mrdha and also wait for her to prepare the potion before returning come Simoc.

If you’re no willing to murder an chaste child, you’ll need to side with Simoc’s son, Lliras. Leave the hall of Heroes and also head over to golden Grove. Situate the mrs Bledha and obtain the poison. Now it’s time to carry out the antidote come Simoc, yet you’ll should reach level 19 in fix or Intellect to pull this off. Failing to convince Simoc will an outcome in a hard fight versus him and also his men.


Side Quest: Hunter, Brother

To start this quest, head into the i of the 6 in Hearthsong and also speak through Ridai in the long passageway at the back. Throughout the conversation you’ll uncover out the the Glafanthan desire to recognize what taken place to a male named Fiorm.

To proceed this quest, go to Elm’s Reach and also speak v Arthwn in front of the hall of Warriors. Here, girlfriend will discover that Fiorm made decision to live his life in exile. Currently it’s time to move this search forward. Grab your party and also head over to Northweald to discover the central area that the map. Below you will discover Fiorm’s corpse and also interact with his soul. After ~ the interaction, you’ll desire to head towards Sentinel Ridge and take the end the group of stelgaers in the area. As soon as they space dead, move to the soul of the dead an excellent stelgaer and also interact through it to see the true food of events.

Now go back to Hearthsong and report her findings to Ridai and the Anamenfath. You have the right to either lie or phone call the truth. Being honest earns girlfriend a powerful great sword, whereas lie earns girlfriend a rare and an effective bow.


Side Quest: in ~ the Mercy that the Tribes

Head come the Celestial spring Inn in Hearthsong and speak through the elf Cwineth to discover out the her tribe is under risk of a Glanfathan attack. As soon as you have the quest, head end to Northweald and also keep heading east until you cross a river and also spot Cwineth waiting for you. Speak through her to learn an ext about the situation and also then head end to the East and speak with the Glanfathan Fangs camping in the area. There space two means to handle this situation. One of two people fight and kill the Fangs, or promise to look right into their case. If you death the Fangs friend won’t need to accomplish up through the mercenaries. Instead, satisfy up through Cwineth once much more to finish the quest.

Alternative solution:

During the conversation v Fangs bright Blood, you have the right to use persuasion if her Reputation in twin Elms is high, or if her character has 17 point out of Resolve. In this situation you’ll should reach a compromise. If friend play your cards right, the Fangs will certainly agree to let the elves go, as lengthy as the leader, Esmar, continues to be behind.

The surrounding mercenaries are at the damaged tower. Below you require to accomplish with Captain Esmar. Two choices are available. Sell to assist the mercenaries or assault them. If you select the former, head south and eliminate the Fangs, or walk North to resolve the monster on the to escape route. In the latter case, friend would need to defeat a group of stelgaers. If you made decision to strike the mercenaries, death them and also then return to the Fangs and report to Bright Fangs Blood around the quest.

If you assisted the mercenaries, you’ll have to meet back up v Cwineth later on for her reward.


Side Quest: Champion of Berath

In order to attain this quest, girlfriend will need to overthrow mr Raedric in the lord of a Carren soil side quest from plot I. If you’ve completed that task already, head to Hearthsong and enter the Celestial Sapling Inn to find a fearful villager, who reports the Lord Raedric’s ghost has returned.

Head over to Raedric’s organize near Gilded Vale and also speak v Fampyr close to the drawbridge. After ~ the conversation she’ll take you to satisfy Raedric. After you’ve talked to his ghost, you’ll be forced to perform battle. Once he’s dead the quest is finished, and you’ve lastly seen the last of the whiny Lord.

Side Quest: jail of Ice

You’ll receive this pursuit from Larha in Galawain’s Maw. Speak come her and also she’ll inform you of a absent Fang Scout named Alvah. She’ll also tell you the Alvah went lacking near Noonfrost.

Head out of Galawain’s Maw and also into Noonfrost. Look because that a cave, and once you find it, head inside. Alvah is being held prisoner in a room north in this area. Prior to you can complimentary Alvah, however, you’ll desire to clear the end the enemies so she has safe passage out of the area. Once all of the enemies are dealt with, head into the library and grab the vital to Alvah’s cell. Now unlock the cabinet and set her free.

To complete this quest, head ago to Galawain’s Maw and also speak through Larha once more. If you want, you deserve to seize this chance to seize a lesson indigenous Alvah, which will leave you through the Blooded Hunter Skill.

Note: The final four side pursuits of Pillars of eternity are just activated ~ you entered Teir Evron and also used the Luminescent Adra Shard on the altar in the center of the area. When you activate the altar, the key quest council of Stars will begin and you will require to finish one that the following four quests to continue through the game’s key storyline. Us suggest selecting a pursuit whose god currently up through your adventuring style.


Side Quest: into the White Void

To begin this quest, pray come the god Rymrgand. His altar is in the right-hand corner of Teir Evron. Before you pray, however, make certain to take the book Enigmatic God of Cold native the best bookshelf. This book contains the ideal ritual words you’ll have to answer, as gaining those not correct will pressure you to fight 4 Rain Blights.

Pray come Rymrgand, and also when asked to recite the routine words, simply reply, “All life ends in stillness.” now pray a second time to trigger a vision, and also in the vision call the elves associated that they’re angering something huge and castle should probably stop, then plug the hole v some snow. Now the real quest begins

Your very first task is to discover Noonfrost. Don’t worry, it isn’t rocket science. Merely head up to Oldsong and then take trip northwest to uncover the enntrance gate to Noonfrost. As soon as you’re inside, speak with the pale elf, Vesgel, in the main chamber. She’ll warn you about entering restricted areas, and advise you that the eastern area is the just area open to you.

Time to head the way. Move into the eastern chamber and also continue in that direction until you run right into a couple of elves guarding a locked door. Again, you’ll be warned not to go where you aren’t allowed, and we imply listening to them. Ago away, head just north of that chamber come the next one and also unlock the door here. Find the wood box in this room and also interact through it to acquire the Blue crystal Key. There’s additionally a short level locked door nearby, however ignore it because that now, as opened it will reason all the safety in Noonfrost to hate you.

With the Blue Crystal vital in hand, head ago to the key chamber and then proceed west. Wait for the patrolling safety to move out of view and then sneak approximately the north door and also open it making use of the key. There’s an additional guard here, for this reason wait because that it come pass before raiding the gives in the room and also then proceeding into the western hallway. Relocate quickly, as the safety won’t continue to be gone for long.

Now you’re walk to must bust open up a couple of doors v your lockpicks. You’ll either need 2 Mechanics +3 Lockpicks, or 3 Mechanics. Either way, head south and also unlock the door and move inside the chamber. There is a chest in below you’ll have to open, however it’s bolted shut through a lock that needs 5 Mechanics +6 Lockpicks or 6 Mechanics. When it’s open, you’ll desire to seize the White Crystal key from it.

Continue northward come find another locked door, i beg your pardon will open up using the crucial you simply found. Time come fight, together you’ll want your whole party to corridor up on the Pale Elf Sorceress at the back of the room before disabling the traps, and also raiding the adjacent table to acquire the Wend-Walker. Now enter Scouting mode and look for the violet star switch on the floor close to the east wall. It have the right to be a bit tough to see, yet this is the easiest and fastest means to advance the quest. Once you find this, communicate with it and then head v the brand-new opening.

The following chamber has your target. An elf called Glasvahl, his followers, and the Frost-Hewn Breach girlfriend were sent to close, over there is likewise a pedestal of black ice in this area, however you have the right to ignore that. If you want to finish this mission, you’ll require this to play out among two ways.

A: kill Glasvahl and seal the breach.

B: usage a solve of 17 to enable Glasvahl and his friends to go into the breach, and convince Rymrgrand that it to be for his glory.

If friend don’t have actually 17 settle on any of your party members, you’ll have to fight. Choose the attack option in conversation and then focus an initial on the magic customers of Glasvahl’s group. When the mages room down, take the others down as well. This is a an extremely tough fight, and it won’t get any kind of easier as you’re walking to need to fight the rest of your method out the Noonfrost.

Once Glasvahl is dead, connect with the breach to seal it, then go back to Teir Evron and also pray to Rymrgrand’s altar once more to finish this quest.


Side Quest: A maid of Death

This search is a bit easier than the last, and also will only require that you kill two an essential figures within the twin Elms area. To gain this quest started friend will need to grab the book, The plenty of Faces that Berath indigenous the left-hand bookshelf, then pray to Berath’s altar located in the bottom right hand corner of Teir Evron. Pray the an initial time and choose the routine words, “There is life in death, and also death in life.”

Now pray a second time to witness a vision of changing land, a road, and two stone sculptures. Once prompted via conversation, select “Enter the Skull’s Mouth.” currently you have to do a little murdering. Strategy both the male and female within the vision and attack castle to finish the vision and also begin the quest.

The very first target, Archdruid Rehstin, isn’t difficult to find. Take trip north to find Bloodsands. You’ll go into the area with the southeast entrance and you’ll must work your means to the room to the much northwest. This is the Blood Sacrifice Chamber, and in right here you’ll find Rehstin. He’ll ask friend why you’re there, and also you deserve to either make tiny talk or just attack and also murder him. Throughout the fight you’ll have to address other enemies, so make sure half your party is concentrated on the Chanters and magic users, while the other fifty percent is concentrated on Rehstin. As soon as the others have fallen, focus exclusively on Rehstin till he falls. Now it’s time to relocate on to target number two.

The second target, Archdruid Erona, is located in Elmshore. Travel out that the Bloodsands (you’ll have actually to battle your means out), and also once the reach Elmshore, you’ll desire to head to the area the ruins situated on the island in the much eastern area the the map. Once you arrive you deserve to attack and kill Erona and her pals, or you deserve to commence conversation and wait for Aloth come chime in. Once he chimes in, choose the solve 15 conversation option and also she will certainly petrify herself. If girlfriend don’t have actually Resolve 15 you’ll need to fight them.

Once both targets are dead, head earlier to Teir Evron and pray at Berath’s shrine once much more to complete this quest and move on within the council of Stars key quest.


Side Quest: A Nest above the Clouds

You can’t have a great fantasy game without magic and also dragons, and also Obsidian wasn’t looking to disappoint when they produced the next quest. First, head come Teir Evron and pick up the book “The Midwife’s Memoirs” indigenous the bookshelf. Review it to find out the suitable ritual words and then pray come Hylea’s shrine, which is located in the southwestern edge of the room. Once asked, the native of ritual reply “Live every keep in mind of life’s song.” currently pray once an ext to trigger a vision of one open-air temple on a mountaintop. Hylea will now ask friend to gain back her temple and the search will begin.

First points first, the finish of this pursuit is tough. If you don’t think you’ll be able to defeat the ceo of this quest, we extremely suggest acquisition the easier means out, which we will define further along. If however you think her party is strong enough, don’t be fear to complete the initial request the Hylea request of you.

Time to travel to Oldsong. When you arrive you’ll want to speak through Onwen and Casfath near Hylea’s Shrine. Speak v them to learn that a dragon has taken increase residence in Hylea’s temple, and also explain come them the you were sent to gain back the temple and also drive the beast away. From right here you’ll desire to head into your human being Map and stop by Northweald to proceed the quest.

Once in Northweald, you’ll uncover yourself in the southwestern entrance. Head north along the trail and then turn appropriate at the an initial fork in the road. Once you with the second fork, you’ll desire to revolve left and also then follow the road left at the third fork to come at the Pilgrim’s Shrine in the northwestern area.

Once you’re at the shrine, connect with the staircase top top the left and also head inside. Monitor this cavern course until you reach a rock, climate inspect and also choose to push it out of the method with a could level 16 character. When the rock is gone, continue forward follow me the jagged course to with the dragon’s nest.

This is wherein things deserve to either take it a revolve for the far better or because that the worse. Together we pointed out above, this struggle is going to it is in tough, and if friend don’t think you can pull the off, then by all means simply take it the alternate method out the this. If you desire to simply finish Hylea’s task, and gain a substantial bit that experience, simply face off versus the dragon in combat.

If girlfriend aren’t able to beat the dragon, there is one more option. During your conversation through the beast, select the complying with options:

“You have Young Here?”

“Hylea is the goddess of motherhood, actually.”

“Is that why you come here?”

“Then you need to stay. Elevating your offspring right here would respect Hylea.”

If you select this option, you’ll have to leave the temple and also return come Hylea’s shrine in ~ Teir Evron. Once you pray, you’ll have a little of explaining to do, so merely choose

“Dragons, like birds, room creatures the the skies. Every life bears a cost.”

At which point Hylea will ask “What walk a dragon create?”

And you should respond: “Beauty. Good and an effective and colorful, they are a marvel to behold.”

This will cause Hylea come buy into your flattery and also poetic nature, and also you’ll be free to ask for her assist in the final component of the key quest.


Side Quest: The Old Queen and also the brand-new King

The last option of the four god-chosen pursuits is perhaps among the most challenging. To obtain this one started, head into Teir Evron and also grab the “Book the the Hunt” from the western bookshelf. Review it to grab the routine words and also then pray come Galawain’s shrine, i m sorry is situated in the northwestern edge of the chamber. When asked, the ritual words reply “Survival starts with toughness from within.” Pray a 2nd time to receive a vision of a dark room through candles. Front you’ll hear a howl and also you’ll respond by howling back. All of sudden you’ll be running, through a beast chasing you with damp grass. Together you run, a bear will jump the end at you and also eyes will appear behind you. As soon as you look earlier again the Bear and beast will be gone, and also all you’ll see is the stone maw the a wolf. Choose “Turn Back” to begin this quest.

The an initial thing you need to do is head come Oldsong and locate Galawain’s Maw, i beg your pardon you’ve most likely passed by much more than when in your travels. If you in which method haven’t, head come the center of Oldsong. As soon as you find it, head inside to continue.

Inside you’ll uncover a group of Fangs and their companions. Turns out your pursuit is to settle a stalemate between Sul, Galawain’s favorite Lioness, and also Oernos, a young ferocious warrior spring to an obstacle Sul’s title. Speak through Einden, the fang in the 2nd chamber, market to take treatment of Sul, and then head forward right into the next chamber come speak v Desthwn. ~ you end up speaking through Desthwn, you’ll obtain Galawain’s Maw Key, and receive accessibility to the Maw. Time to discover Sul.

Sul is holed up in the earlier of the area. To uncover her, you’ll require to move through the maw until you reach a bridge. Don’t overcome the bridge. Instead proceed down the course you were currently taking. We suggest using your Scouting ability, together these paths are littered through traps. Proceed following this till you with a den that lions. Take it them out and also then check the wall surface to the eastern to discover a bunch the vines prevent the entrance to Sul’s den. Communicate with them and also squeeze v to enter.

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From here, the tale deserve to take two turns. You deserve to either death Sul and her allies, or you can speak v Sul and also offer come take out Oernes. Either way this pans out, someone’s blood will certainly be spilled. Once you’ve made her choice, take the end your target and also then go back to the former area that Galawain’s Maw. Prior to you head ago to Teir Evron, make sure to stop and also speak through Desthwn in bespeak to attain the Cat’s Claw, which is a an effective one-handed sword. Once you have actually the sword, just go ago and pray come Galawain’s shrine once more to end the quest and also move on.