The house of Plantagenet ruled England indigenous the accession of Henry II in 1154 to the fatality of Richard III in ~ the fight of Bosworth field in 1485. The Plantagenet empire ruled England for much longer than any kind of other house. The period saw England transformed in countless ways. Federal government saw countless changes and also many that the checks and balances the exist this particular day originate from the Plantagenet era. Culture saw the Feudal System start to erode. War changed, together a an outcome of the Crusades and also European wars that England was associated in. The relationship in between the different kingdoms of the brother Isles additionally altered.

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The Plantagenets

Henry II came to be king following the death of King Stephen. His accession was te an outcome of agreements that brought to an end the civil war between Stephen and Henry’s mother, Matilda. His power was significant by the killing of thomas Becket and feuds in between himself and also his sons, Richard and John.

Richard’s reign is unusual in thathe spent tiny time in the country. Richard go on Crusade, acquiring close to the holy city the Jerusalem. He came to be embroiled in a conflict with the Austrians which brought about his imprisonment and being held to ransom. This developed a big financial load for the country, not helped by plotting by his brother, John and the French.

Despite feuds v John, Richard named him heir. John’s regime saw most of England’s soil in France lost. This followed him losing control of soil under his stewardship in Ireland. The accident earned that the nickname ‘lackland’. His rule likewise saw conflict with the barons and also an intrusion by Prince Louis that France. John signed Magna Carta, a file setting out the rights and also responsibilities the the king and also nobility. It likewise outlined the borders of his power. The relationship between tthe king and barons, along with the occupation of parts of England by Louis, were pressing matters adhering to John’s beforehand death. Under Henry III, Magna Carta to be reissued and the barons united. Luigi left England, through a large pay turn off for relinquishing his claims.

Under Edward I, England pressed home her overlordship the Scotland. Edward additionally invaded Wales bring about Conquest. War through Scotland ongoing under Edward II. The scotsman reversed your fortunes and were when again independent.

England’s ambitions for land top top mainland Europe and also a desire to assert civil liberties to genealogical lands resulted in war in France. The hundred years War witnessed England and continental allies fighting for regulate of Normandy and also for the French crown. The conflict saw both political parties having good victories. The English, significantly at Crecy, Poitiers and also Agincourt. The height of English success come under Henry V. He winner the ideal for himself or his ancestor come inherit the crown of France. His son came to be King the France. It to be a shortlived regime over lands the were shortly retaken through French forces.

The Plantagenet family suffered from household feuds. Edward III to be deposed and murdered. He was replaced by his son, Richard II. Still a young he confronted the Peasants Revolt. Richard self was then deposed and also the crown taken by Henry IV. His usurping the the crown caused questions end his legitimacy come rule, a far-reaching issue generations later on as the battle of the Roses broke out.

Henry V to be a solid king. But he passed away unexpectedly if his heir was a baby. The minority dominion of Henry through saw leading noble ruling. This caused disagreements. Henry grew up a gentle man, possibly quickly influenced. The was no a solid figure and also court began to disintegrate together factions squabbled. It brought about war. Henry to be deposed by Edward IV. Henry’s dominance was climate briefly reinstated as the battle of the Roses swung in favour that the residence of Lancaster. Edward IV reverted though, beating Henry’s forces, wgc2010.organised by his wife, Margaret of Anjou and also the Earl that Warwick and also regaining the throne.

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The plantagenet era witnessed England change in many ways. The Black fatality contribued to changes in the means that culture ws structured. It triggered occasions that, together with Poll Taxes, led to the Peasants Revolt. Federal government changed. In ~ the beginning of the duration a queens word was final. Through the end, there to be a device of federal government that gave the nobles an ext of an intake and, in theory, confirm the excesses of monarchs. Warfare had changed. Modern technology was adapted, as were tactics. Castle design altered and gunpowder do it’s an initial appearances on the battlefield. Society began to alter. More people were literate and also even the way that english was talked changed.

Major occasions of the Plantagenet era include:

The murder of cutting board Becket

The 3rd Crusade

Magna Carta

Edward I’s wars with Scotland

Edward I’s battles in Wales

War that Scottish Independence

The Black fatality – peak Facts Infographic

The Peasants Revolt: Timeline – Causes

The hundred years War

The war of the Roses – Timeline

The battle of the Roses – Battles, characters and key Facts

The war of the Roses – Infographic

The Paston Letters

The Rous Rolls

Preceded through The Normans

Succeeded by The Tudors


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The battles of the Roses

Causes that the wars of the Roses – course of the war of the Roses – events of the battle of the Roses

Battles in the wars of the Roses

First fight of St. Albans – battle of Blore heather – fight of Ludford bridge – battle of Northampton – battle of Wakefield – battle of Mortimer’s overcome – 2nd Battle the St. Albans fight of Ferrybridge – fight of Towton – battle of Hedgeley Moor – battle of Hexham – battle of Edgecote Moor – fight of Losecote ar – battle of Barnet – fight of Tewkesbury – fight of Bosworth – battle of Stoke Field

Documents, Maps and Evidence

The Rous rolfes – Paston letter – Edward IV Roll

People and periods

British history – The wars of the Roses – The Plantagenets – The Tudors – King Henry IV – King Henry V – King Henry by means of – King Edward IV – King Edward V – King Richard III – King Henry VII – Margaret that Anjou