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There’s no denying that a baby is a blessing come a family, supplying as countless joyous, exciting moments together sleepless nights and also lifestyle changes. Moreover, many women room all too acquainted with the long-term results pregnancy can have top top the abdomen following the birth of one or an ext children. Many women opt for a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to boost the tone and tightness of your midsections at the finish of your childbearing years or as soon as they’ve decided their family members is complete. Still, everyone knows no all pregnancies are planned, and sometimes people simply adjust their minds about wanting much more kids. That is essential to recognize that pregnancy after ship tuck is possible and is considered reasonably for sure for both mom and baby.

If you think you have actually completed your family, it could be a great time to begin thinking about tummy tuck surgery. Abdominoplasty can help you change a post infant bellyback into a level tummy favor you had prior to your kids were born. The tummy tuck eliminates loose skin in the abdominal muscle area, tightens the tummy, and also sculpts a an ext beautiful, youthful form to the stomach. An ext and much more women space opting because that a ship tuck together with a chest augmentation or breast lift procedure to regain a more complete post baby body.

What happens if I gain pregnant after a ship tuck?

You may think you space done having actually kids, but months or years down the roadway you may discover that you expecting again. Not all pregnancies are planned, for this reason there’s regularly that chance. I’ve never had actually a patient who had a ship tuck and also then wasn’t able to carry a baby to term. Security of mommy or baby have to not it is in a issue in pregnancy complying with abdominoplasty. You should have the ability to enjoy your pregnancy and also an uneventful bear of a healthy baby.

Before & After tummy Tuck Photos

Will the ship tuck make it through the pregnancy?

Many patient who end up being pregnant ~ abdominoplasty continue to love the results of their surgery even after the baby’s birth. I’ve only ever before had one tummy tuck patience come ago for a touchup following pregnancy. However, pregnancy can change the results of a plastic surgical treatment procedure favor a ship tuck. Load gain, existence of large marks, separation that the muscles, and also other components may identify if revision surgery is needed, and the true outcome might depend a good deal on exactly how much muscle repair your surgeon did during your tummy tuck. Everyone’s body responds in different way to pregnancy and to surgery, so it’s essential to consult her plastic surgeon and also your OBGYN when you discover out you are expecting. Managing your weight gain throughout pregnancy can help to maintain the results of your tummy tuck. You may wish come come ago for abdominoplasty revision surgery or a mini tummy tuck if you discover that her post-pregnancy before and after ship tuck results carry out not align.

Will the pregnancy have any complications following a tummy tuck?

All pregnancies have the potential to endure some degree of complications for well-known or unknown causes. Her OBGYN can finest advise friend on any concerns you may have concerning pregnancy complications. However, once it involves your ship tuck’s effect on her pregnancy and also your unborn child, in practically all instances you should have the ability to carry her baby healthily come term. If your abdominal muscles are an extremely tight to start with, you might experience tightening or pulling sensations together your belly grows and also stretches, however this is not dangerous. Girlfriend may additionally feel the your infant bump doesn’t stick out as far as girlfriend expect, but your child have to still have plenty the room to grow and also thrive.

What if I require a C-section ~ my ship tuck?

I work-related with my patients to conceal the tummy tuck scar within the bathing fit bottom styles they often tend to prefer. This commonly produces a completely undetectable result. As soon as a birth by cesarean ar comes right into play, the main concern centers about scar tissue. The issue with c-sections after tummy tuck no much different than a repeat c-section. In this case your OB/GYN is functioning in an area the a previous procedure. You have to be sure to tell your doctor that you already had a ship tuck as sometimes the scar no so obvious. It is true the your OB/GYN might not close your brand-new c-section incision through the ability of a Plastic Surgeon and also that could impact the illustration of her scar afterward. In many situations I have been current in the distribution room come re-close the incision. Her OB/GYN may have the ability to use the very same ship tuck scar or a low pelvic incision, likewise easily covert by a swimsuit.

How lengthy should i wait to obtain pregnant after ~ a ship tuck?

If you room contemplating pregnant in the close to future, I would certainly advise you come wait on your tummy tuck. Friend can absolutely have a successful pregnancy after tummy tuck, yet due to the cost and feasible need because that touchups following the pregnancy, it makes sense to wait until you are reasonably certain she done having actually kids. That said, some patients might wish to have actually a tummy tuck done once they feeling there would certainly be a big gap of time in between their children, because that example, after having actually a very first child in your late teens and not planning any much more children until late twenty or early thirties. It is crucial for you to feel confident and happy v your body, so the is understandable the you might wish to think about a ship tuck with an open finished possibility that having more kids in the future.

Sometimes women may come to be pregnant suddenly within a year or 2 of a tummy tuck, or also just a few months after surgery. If you space still going v yourtummy tuck recovery, you might feel anxious around how the pregnant will influence your body’s healing process. In many cases, you have to still intend to do a complete recovery without complications. If you have any type of concerns, be certain to speak with your plastic surgeon and also your OBGYN for expert guidance.

What if i think i want an ext kids, however I still desire a ship tuck now?

If you feeling strongly the you might want to have an ext children in the future, be sure you speak with your plastic surgeon about pregnancy after tummy tuck before undergoing any kind of procedures. I have had patients to express this great to me, and also that insightful expertise has allowed me to perform less muscle fix or perhaps no muscle repair at all, leave the human body in a far better state to accommodate a cultivation baby. Discuss your wishes and your pertains to with your surgeon to ensure your ideal interests are maintained in mind, whether you have your ship tuck now or a few years under the road.

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If you room considering abdominoplasty, inspect out ours tummy tuck before and after photograph gallery to provide you an idea the the outcomes you can expect through Scott E. Newman MD, FACS, a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon at your service.

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