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I, advent
II, The Legend of Zelda - 3rd Quest / Rom, Patches and Emulators
III, Missing job
VI, Time setup / SPOILERS!
V, Finished Patches
VI, Pics
I, introduction The standard Edition is a job by me, Con, which turns BS Zelda right into a "real" Legend of Zelda. You will play with classic characters, Link and also Zelda, have actually Triforce Symbols rather of the cross and... Play there is no the BS-X Timer! I referred to as this task "The Legend of Zelda - third Quest", due to the fact that it deserve to be regarded as a third quest to LoZ, Nes without any canon problems. The core of this task is a time job by Dreamer_Nom which disables the timer, hides it and also forwards the video game triforce related. Unfortunately DN left this job inperfect, before he disappeared: the blue candle was never shop tools (this trouble occured because of Roto"s patch) and the whirlpool didn"t vanish ~ Dungeon 4, what happened due to the fact that of a dorn time setting.I waited 2 years to discover a qualified hacker to solve these problems, but because nobody was able or interested ns took the task in my very own hands and also started from point zero gaining through the djungle of ASM hacking... And with the help of Tre and also others i am proud and lucky come tell you the my mission is accomplished.II, Rom, Patches and also Emulators RomThe The Legend that Zelda - 3rd Quest. Included is - basic patches by Roto (complete), DN (upgrade), fight it out Serkol (translation) - Time finish patch by Dreamer_Nom, addressed by Con - standard sprite set by Con based ~ above patches through TeRRaBiTe88 and also Vel - Triforce tile set by Con - Title screen sequence and End display screen by DaMarsMan, Euclid and also Con - Voice job by Mottzilla and also Con - Red Ocarina / magic key patch through Con - last Area L8-text remove patch and also Red Dungeon Spots eliminate patch through Con - select Screen by select switch press patch and also Red heart patch through Con - remove the an insect with letter on continue - suitable ring shade in the food selection patch through Con - magic shield job by Con - save subscreen dungeon maps job by Con - Zelda sfx spot by Con - death counter by Con, Mottzilla - anti-monster respawn by ConPatchesDownload every the patches v documentation.(the location of the publication in this pic is of food faked ;)Emulators1, Zsnes1.14 Dos and also Windows (the finest emulator to play the game). Also greater versions work, but zsnes 1.5x slow the game significantly down and also there are sound glitches in zsnes 1.4x.2, Snes9x v1.41, does also workYou can likewise play with Snes9x 1.5x and also SnesGT (not totally tested yet) III, Still essential Patches all points watched at BS1ideas various ingame-header (game crashes in zsnes if you readjust the "BS")VI, Time setup The Triforce is one ultimate resource of power. Thus, as much more pieces you collect as an ext is your can increased. Nevertheless, some occasions won"t last forever (this is since of the ingame"s rom nature). Beginning: - naught happens until you"ve got to the an initial Triforce pieceDirectly after getting first Triforce Piece:- the time associated Heart Container appears, and also it is stabled till the you get the 7th Triforce Piece. Come on, you run directly into it - if friend don"t seize it, it"s your fault!After gaining the 2nd Triforce Piece- the Blue Candle is available until the finish of the gameAfter acquiring the 3rd Triforce Piece- the Tornadoes vanish until the finish of the gameAfter acquiring the fourth Triforce Piece- the lost Woods" magic and also Whirlpool disappear till the end- the Street merchant appears till you obtain the sixth Triforce item After obtaining the 5th Triforce Piece- the Flute Podest that opens up level 6 appears and also stays until the finish of the game- girlfriend have fifty percent Shop Prices until you gain the 7th Triforce piece After obtaining the sixth Triforce Piece- the Amos wake up up- you attain the Mighty Boomerang keep it till the end of the game- the Red Ring and the master Sword are obtainable until the finish of the video game After acquiring the saturday Triforce Piece- you get countless Bombs till the finish After gaining the Eighth Triforce Piece- go, death Ganon !- you obtain the Light sword which always shootsV, finished Patches HIDE the clock, occasions will be totally Triforce related boosted intro (look below) beat as connect or Zelda have actually Triforce icons Title ScreenVI, Pics
This one is a title screen Vel made.

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I favor it since it"s animated. Maybe somebody can obtain the various other title displays animated too?General:
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