From Britney to lindsay to Paris, the 2000s to be practially the golden e for walk commando. Though these ladies were accused of being spotlight-seekers, I"ve regularly wondered if they were really simply ahead of your timein regards to theirvaginal health.

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Of course, there’s no a ton of research on how healthy it is for you to ditch her panties on the reg. However some professionals do to speak going sans undies at nighthas its perks (read an ext about the pros and cons in this overview to going commando). Therefore I decided to take it matters right into my own hands, and also accepted a week-long, no-underwear challenge from mine editor. Here’s just how it impacted my lady parts.

Day 1


Karla Walsh

I wore underwear about 50 percent of the time prior to this experiment started, so ns didn’t think it would certainly be that lot of a stretch to critical a entirety week there is no panties. After ~ all, i love flashy fashion about as lot as ns despise the dreaded VPL (visible panty line), and also body-hugging product doesn’t specifically leave much to the creative thinking when it concerns what style you’re sporting.

So because that the very first day (a Thursday), i donned an outfit I’ve unable to do commando in many of times before—my favourite gold sparkly leggings, paired with a button-down shirt and also cute green sweater. It was great being able to breeze the end of my house without play the “which panties will present the least” game, together I had a ton of things on my to-do list and didn’t desire to waste any kind of time crossing them off. I barely thought about my clothes all day, other than for as soon as I obtained compliments top top my fun pants.

Day 2


Karla Walsh

Friday equals date night, therefore I decided to don more sparkles—naturally—and a chop pair the Levi’s. But before I met up for dinner and drinks, ns chatted v Maria Sophocles, M.D., a board-certified ob-gyn and the clinical director ofWomen"s health care of Princeton, around how a commando challenge might affect “workouts” in the bedroom.

“Going panty-less is a big turn-on for most guys,” she says. “As for you, that really counts on your own comfort level. If the behavior makes girlfriend feel cost-free and sexy, it might just boost your libido. Some safe pushing of sexual boundaries can yes, really recharge a stale sex life.”

With that in mind, I made decision to tell mine S.O. About my panty prohibition and also totally whispered, “I’m no wearing any type of underwear best now” in his ear while reaching for the party of alcohol on the table. That looked a small shocked—which I entirely relished—and also though the laughed and said, “You really have no filter, carry out you?,” he quickly followed it increase with, “Maybe friend can present memore the this experiment later.” Mission. Accomplished.(Look far better in and out the your clothing with Women’s Health’sLook far better Naked DVD).


Day 3


My experiment appeared to be going quite well, yet I think I obtained a little too large for my britches. There was a winter chill blowing through, so i bundled up with an oversized sweater and also white denim jeans. And while it was nice come not have to dig the end my one pair that nude-colored underwear, I easily realized that 2 days of zipper-and-seam activity wasn’t the most comfortable—especially after gaining aBrazilian waxjust a couple of days ago.

“Wearing no pantiesand tight jeans can lead come abrasions or irritation of the fragile vulvar skin,” Sophocles says. "The trend to shave or wax orlaser pubic hair, i m sorry is a herbal protective barrier, has actually made the breakable skin of the vulva even more vulnerable to wake up from chop clothing.”

In other words, day four meant a skirt was very, very necessary.

Brush up on this vagina do"s and also don"ts:


While I had actually originally overcome skirts turn off my list of alternatives for commando week, mine convo through Sophocles—and my wish to protect against any more abrasions native jeans—made me establish it was time come reconsider. Yet as i ruffled through my closet, i couldn’t help but wonder if I should cave and at least throw on a thong. I normally autumn in the no-thong camp since I can’t stand the floss-like feeling, but the assumed of one unforeseen blustery wind providing my next-door neighbors a peep-show had actually me nervous. So ns touched base with Sophocles again.

“A thong doesn’t really carry out much in the way of protection, and the an extremely narrow component can in reality irritate you lot like a too-tight bra strap,” she said. “I’ve seen them reason bacterial infections and also abrasions, and also the towel shifting back and forth an customs or two might introduce E. Coli into your system.”

Um, yikes. For this reason the thong was absolutely out. To accomplish both my health and also wardrobe break down concerns, i opted because that a much longer pencil skirt. That method I might let mine hoo-ha breathe there is no the hazard of a well-timed breeze making me blush from currently until the end of following week.


Day 5


While it was liberating to have every one of my dress, skirt, and pant choices at the prepared again, I will certainly admit the by work five, ns realized ns missed the protection of one extra great of fabric. I nearly caved and woreunderwear because that my workout, yet decided to stick that out. Ns only had a couple of days left, and it’s challenging to uncover a pair the won’t present through mine second-skin leggings anyway.

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Sophocles had some think on that, too. She says that while it’s cool for some, walk commando because that a sweat session might not be the best idea because that everyone. Underwear basically gives a layer of protection against irritation (especially in tasks like spinning when you’re constantly relocating in and also out of the saddle), so without it girlfriend may an alert some chafing. Thankfully that didn’t occur for me, but I’ll absolutely consider a pair of smooth briefs next time ns wear looser shorts—and I’ll be certain they’re make of a Spandex blend. "Some fabrics breath and allow airflow to reach the vulva and also others are like the equivalent of put on plastic wrap,” says Sophocles. “It trap moisture and also leads to greater rates of yeast infections.”


At the end of the day, I have no regrets around going commando for my workout. And I grounding to my an obstacle for the remainder of the day, as soon as again skip underwear in my white button-up and also floral pants.