While the Horde may be rewarded for your gruesome destruction of Theramore through a Mini Mana Bomb, proud members of the Alliance are honored through this beloved tabard because that the efforts in retaking Theramore. Right here are a couple of cloth sets come remember Theramore with.

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This an initial set would certainly be lovely because that a sea-faring preistess.

Head – Cowl of Benevolence

Shoulders – Gossamer Shoulderpads

Theramore Tabard

Hands – Gloves that Unfailing Faith

Waist – Lunar Belt

Legs – Aurora Pants

Feet – Kurkenstoks (not shown)

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This set is possibly a bit an ext mage-like.

Shoulders – Magician’s Mantle

Chest – scholarly Robes

Theramore Tabard

Hands – Dolomite Adorned Gloves

Waist – Star Belt

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Continuing v my Thermore’s fall Transmogs, up following is the staff of the infamous Ronin.

For this an initial mog, I wanted to beat of the orange and also pink accents in the staff. The robe is a little an ext ‘warlocky’ 보다 ‘magey’, yet I love the shining pink colour in it.

Shoulders – Firehawk MantleChest – Vermillion Robes that the DominantBracers – Wraps the the San’laynGloves – Widow’s ClutchesWaist – Veteran’s Dreadweave BeltStaff – Archmage’s Staff


Sideview that the staff.

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This mog was motivated by the lovely outfit WoW Roleplay gear put together to go through the staff.

Head – Cowl that the cool Engineer

Shoulders – Mantle the the Elven Kings

Chest – Robe of Kelris

Hands – aboriginal Gloves

Waist – Veteran’s Silk Belt

Staff – Archmage’s Staff

Theramore’s loss was enforced this week together in introduction to the Scenarios coming in Mists. There has actually been much written ~ above people’s impressions of the instance, much more eloquently 보다 I could put it, so I’ll keep my 2 cents short and sweet favor the script itself. While i don’t think the circumstances is great by any type of means, i don’t uncover it horrible. I was a small disappointed the the missions for the horde and alliance versions space pretty lot the exact same – kill human being on boats, light boats on fire, kill person on wind driver / gryphon, death tanks, insert various ending here. I also felt that had actually I no read any recaps ~ above what occurred in the Tides of war book, I most likely wouldn’t have actually had any idea why ns was punch the ar up, or cleaning up the aftermath. In between the speed of the run, and the complete randomness that is violet loot that might or may not in mine spoils bag, it yes, really reminds me many of a holiday boss. Mine biggest problem with the location is the “transmog” items in the booty tables. Really…

Anyhow, I like to save things upbeat, so instead of running v the ugly, I will say there space a couple of gems in the pile. Very first up is this lovely white sorcerer’s hat! A nice crisp white, that is a great addition to the wizard hat collection available in game. I made decision to take catalyst from the ring about the peak of the cap to base my transmogs on. I started with the Gossamer Belt:

Head – Theramore Arcanist’s Hat

Shoulder – Elegant Mantle

Chest – black Ash Robe

Hands – Soulcloth Gloves

Waist – Gossamer Belt

Several of the Gossamer piece look quite nice v the hat, consisting of the shoulders. Here’s an outfit using the robe, and including my favorite item in game, a star wand!