NEW HAVEN, CT ( - Two civilization were taken into custody after ~ police to speak a 2-year-old pointed a handgun at police.

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It happened approximately 5:30 a.m. ~ above June 25 on Dayton Street.

Police to speak they had been conducting an investigation on the second floor of the structure when a child discovered the firearm unattended on a bed.

The firearm had actually a red laser attached to it.

Officers were able come secure the firearm without further incident.

The department of Children and Families to be notified and responded come the scene.

Police arrested Joshua Talton and Wanesha Dawson together a an outcome of the investigation.

Both are facing a slew that charges, including risk the injury to a minor and possession the a controlled substance v the intent to sell.

Talton" shortcut was set at $700,000, while Dawson was able to article her $500,000.



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What? The police didn" put a beat down, n arrest that toddler? OMG what is this civilization coming to? whereby is the justice?


Ned offered them $60, and 400lbs that pot if she would have actually 10 an ext kids type 10 different baby daddies! walk NED GO!!!!!! keep PUSHING your DOPE AND free CASH, IT" no YOURS SO, WTF CARES, right THERE NEEDY NED?


So a 2 year old acquired ahold of and pointed an illegal gun at police. Therefore what? clearly a racial arrest, just used together an excuse to lock up an ext black people..

- thinks every "" democrat mental case, everywhere.

Ned" new incentive... Market $600, + all the dope girlfriend want, just vote because that the drug PUSHER NED LAMONT N HIS DROPCRAP PARTY!

nothing will be done, lock will get a slap on the wrist and also be let go, since this state is releasing low level criminals earlier into the public. There is no an ext accountability in this and many other DEM controlled states

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