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Isn"t it frustrating once tomb raiders keep stealing your treacertain and also wrecking up all your urns? No? Well, if you were a thousand also year old mummy charged through looking after a tomb, you"d be frustrated. Believe us. In fact, tright here is one Mummy in Sophanem that came to be so angered by the pesky thieves that he adapted component of his tomb to cater for them. If he deserve to save them busy, then probably they will certainly leave him and also the King"s treasures alone!
Jalsavrah Pyramid in Sophanem. There are three said means to obtain there:You deserve to go via the Shantay pass and take a carpet ride to Pollnivneach, then walk south till you check out another carpet vendor. Talk to him and go to Sophanem. Once there, enter the city and head a tiny southern to the pyramid.You deserve to usage a Camulet to teleport to Enakhra"s Temple, and also then from tright here you have the right to walk to Sophanem from the quarry.You have the right to teleport directly to the Guardian mummy utilizing a charged Pharaoh"s sceptre.

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Getting Started:

Once at the pyramid, talk to Tarik. He will certainly tell you around the risks of the pyramid, the rewards, and also about an old sceptre.


Now enter with one of the four gates and you will be in a tomb. If the tomb has actually a Guardian mummy in it, you"re in the best tomb. If not, try one more one.

Talk to the Guardian mummy (or right-click him and select "Start minigame"). He will certainly tell you around the minigame and also will certainly ask you if you want to offer it a try. Accept his sell and you"ll begin the minigame. One game lasts 5 minutes.


The Rooms

Each room needs a different Thieving level. Here are the room requirements.

Room NumberThieving Level RequiredThieving XP Per Chest*Strength XP Per SarcophagusThieving XP Per Snake Check**Thieving XP Per Urn Looted**

*You perform not receive this endure if a scarab sheat appears once you open up the chest.**If you examine an urn for snakes, you are rewarded half the suffer for searching it typically. If you have actually charmed the snake before looking the urn, you will certainly just get half the experience for browsing it. The ideal suffer from urns is from searching for snakes, NOT charming the snake, and looting the urn.

Also note: When picklocking doors to progression through the rooms, you get equal thieving endure to opening the chest for that room.

All the rooms have the same principle. When you enter the room, deactivate the spear trap in front of you (awards 10 Thieving XP) and then either continue on to the next level room or begin searching the urns, chests, and also sarcophagi.


To proceed on to a higher level room, picklock the plenty of tomb doors approximately you until you uncover the one that isn"t a dead finish.


Any of the urns, chests, and sacrophagi can contain an artitruth, yet they all have the right to have actually traps as well. A chest can contain a level 98 Scarab sheat, an urn deserve to contain a snake that poisons you, and also a sarcophagus deserve to contain a level 84 Mummy. You deserve to prevent the snake by first browsing the urn for snakes and then as soon as one appears, you can click it to charm it (needs a Snake charmer, and also you may still be bitten occasionally).


All of the artifacts you achieve have the right to be sold to Simon Templeton at the Agility Pyramid (Northeastern of Sophanem).



Ivory Comb
Pottery scarab
Pottery statuette
Stone seal
Stone scarab
Stone statuette
Gold seal
Gold scarab
Gold statuette

As you progress through the rooms, the possible loot becomes much better (Gold statuettes appear beginning in the 7th room), and mainly even more practical artefacts deserve to be uncovered in higher-level rooms. Chests and also sarcophagi additionally tfinish to yield better items than urns.

The Pharoah"s Sceptre

In addition to the traditional artefacts that may be looted from the pyramid, chests and also sarcophagi have actually a opportunity of yielding a special artireality dubbed the Pharoah"s Sceptre. This item allows a user 3 teleports to the Agility Pyramid, the Desert Treasure Pyramid, or the Thieving Pyramid. After these three teleports are provided up, it might be recharged by offering the Guardian Mummy either 6 gold artefacts, 12 stone artifacts, or 24 ivory/pottery artefacts.

It is feasible to obtain multiple sceptres per player, yet as soon as one is uncovered, the player is escorted out of the pyramid by the Guardian Mummy and must start a new game of Pyramid Plunder to re-enter the pyramid.

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Pharoah"s Sceptre Teleport Locations
Pyramid NameLocation
JalsavrahThe Pyramid Plunder Pyramid
JaleustrophosThe Agility Pyramid
JaldraochtThe Desert Treacertain Pyramid

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