Welcome to the Dungeon entrances of eastern Kingdoms guide! This overview will serve as a resource to aid players situate the numerous dungeons all across Eastern Kingdoms, and also inform football player of the different accomplishments and rewards the each dungeon has to offer. To navigate come a details section the the guide, simply click the wanted dungeon in the table of components or scroll down the page.

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Blackrock Caverns

Blackrock Caverns Location

Blackrock Caverns have the right to be found inside Blackrock hill at works with 57.7, 30.1. To gain here, fly right into the open home window on the east side the the map within of Blackrock mountain, and instantly turn right as if you were entering Blackwing Lair. Take it the left revolve on the means to Blackwing Lair as shown on the map below, climate take the following left and run under the stairs. After ~ running under the stairs, monitor the course down till you check out the dungeon entrance! Blackrock mountain is at the north side the the burning Steppes.
friend can also get to this dungeon through running under from the Blackrock mountain entrance and also taking a left rotate down the passageway adjacent the summoning stone. Continue on straight, and also take a right once you watch crates and barrels v arrows shot into them. Take another right in ~ the barrels and also crates, and you"re there!
Blackrock Caverns Entrance

Blackrock Caverns Achievements

Blackrock Caverns Rewards

Blackrock Depths

Blackrock depths Location

The enntrance gate to Blackrock Depths have the right to be found inside Blackrock mountain at works with 38.9, 18.1. To get here, enter Blackrock Mountain and also jump on height of the first chain you view upon entering. Run down the to get to the center of Blackrock hill until you check out a summoning stone. Run into the left doorway closest come the summoning rock into Forgewright"s Tomb, and then another left , adhering to the steps downwards. As soon as you room inside Forgewright"s dig (his tombstone will certainly be in the center of the room), go past him and follow the route down till you"re outside once more. Stay to the right and also keep running under the course until you"re challenged with another chain. Run on optimal of this chain and also take the downwards. If you followed the accuse carefully, friend will check out the npc Lothos Riftwaker in former of you. Don"t" go into the room where he is however, due to the fact that that is the enntrance gate to Molten Core. Take a right right into the room prior to Lothos, and follow it every the method to the earlier of the room. From here on out, you deserve to open her map come navigate come the dungeon, together it has actually the surname of the dungeon composed there because that you.
Blackrock depth Entrance

Blackrock Caverns Achievements

Blackrock Caverns Rewards

The Deadmines

The Deadmines Entrance

In order to get to the The Deadmines, girlfriend must first navigate come the mine"s entrance at coordinates 43, 72.
The Deadmines Entrance

The Deadmines Location

To get to The Deadmines, enter the house displayed above, take a left and also run up the stairs. Take your first left, and run under the spiral pathway till you arrive inside the mines. Operation straight throughout the quick bridge-like plank, and follow the bent trail down and continue straight as soon as you go into the big room. Take a right, and then your very first left. Indigenous here, you can follow the minecart tracks down to the dungeon entrance.
The Deadmines Entrance

The Deadmines Achievements

The Deadmines Rewards


Gnomeregan Entrance

In order to get to the Gnomeregan, you must an initial navigate to the city"s enntrance gate at works with 31.6, 36.9.
Gnomeregan Entrance

Gnomeregan Location

To acquire to Gnomeregan, enter the city shown over and run right until you find the elevator. Take it the elevator down and also run right then turn right into the train depot. Take it your very first left past the caution tape and also keep running right until you watch the dungeon at works with 31, 74.
Gnomeregan Entrance

Gnomeregan Achievements

Gnomeregan Rewards

Grim Batol

Grim Batol Location

Grim Batol can be uncovered in the center of Twilight Highlands at works with 19.3 54.4.
Grim Batol Entrance

Grim Batol Achievements

Grim Batol Rewards

Lower Blackrock Spire

Lower Blackrock Spire Location

Lower Blackrock Spire deserve to be found inside Blackrock hill at works with 80.3, 40.5. To obtain here, fly right into the open window on the eastern side that the map within of and run straight ago into the lower Spire. The portal will certainly be below the communication on your ideal side.
Lower Blackrock Spire Entrance

Lower Blackrock Spire Achievements

Lower Blackrock Spire Rewards

Scarlet Halls

Monastery Entrance

Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery are both uncovered inside the same building at the Northeast component of Tirisfal Glades at collaborates 82.3, 33.4.
Scarlet Monastary Entrance

Scarlet Halls Location

Upon start the monastery shown above, operation to the means back the the building and also the enntrance gate to Scarlet Halls will certainly be ~ above your right at works with 79.9, 60.8.
Scarlet Halls Entrance

Scarlet Halls Achievements

Scarlet Halls Rewards

Scarlet Monastery

Monastery Entrance

Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery space both uncovered inside the same building at the Northeast component of Tirisfal Glades at coordinates 82.3, 33.4.
Scarlet Monastary Entrance

Scarlet Monastery Location

Upon entering the monastery shown above, run to the way back that the building and the entrance to Scarlet Monastery will be on her left directly throughout from Scarlet Halls at coordinates 79.9, 60.8.
Scarlet Monastery Entrance

Scarlet Monastery Achievements

Scarlet Monastery Rewards


Scholomance Location

Scholomance have the right to be found on the Southeast side of the west Plaguelandss at collaborates 70.0, 75.0.
Scholomance Entrance

Scholomance Achievements

Scholomance Rewards

Shadowfang Keep

Shadowfang keep Location

The entrance to Shadowfang Keep have the right to be found on the southern side that Silverpine woodland at works with 38.9, 18.1.
Shadowfang keep Entrance

Shadowfang store Achievements

Shadowfang save Rewards

The Stockade

The Stockade Location

The Stockade can be discovered inside Stormwind City which lives on the Western side of Elwynn forest at works with 51,1, 68.0.
The Stockade Entrance

The Stockade Achievements

The Stockade Rewards


Stratholme: main Gate Location

The Stockade key Gate have the right to be found on the northern side of east Plaguelands at collaborates 26.9, 11.8.
Main gate Entrance

Stratholme: business Gate Location

Stratholme: organization Gate deserve to be uncovered on the northern side of eastern Plaguelands at collaborates 43.5, 17.8.
Service door Entrance

Stratholme Achievements

Stratholme Rewards

Sunken Temple

The holy place of Hakkar Entrance

In bespeak to acquire to the Sunken Temple, friend must an initial navigate to the temple of Hakkar which can be discovered on the eastern side that Swamp the Sorrows surrounding by water at coordinates 69.6, 54.2.
Sunken holy place Entrance

Sunken holy place Location

When you come to the temple of Hakkar, run inside and down the spiral steps until you discover yourself swimming underwater. Swim come the finish of the room and take a right, running down the procedures until you obtain to the room of Masks. Simply run forward to the finish of the room and also the dungeon will certainly be best in former of you at coordinates 75.9, 45.2.

Sunken holy place Achievements

Throne the the Tides

Throne that the Tides Location

Throne the the Tides deserve to be uncovered deep inside the Abyssal depth at works with 57.7, 30.1. To gain to the Abyssal Depths, take the portal to Vash"jr In Stormwind, which deserve to be found on the tiny island called The east Earthenshrine on the map. If you play Horde, make your method to Orgrimmar and also take the Vashj"r portal there at the western Earthshrine. After ~ you"ve do your method to Vashj"r, swim west to the Abyssal Depths, and also then swim north to the Abyssal Breach. The Abyssal Breach is a large sinkhole in the ground, i beg your pardon the player will swim into in order to get to the dungeon.
Throne the the Tides Entrance

Throne that the Tides Achievements

Throne that the Tides Rewards


Uldaman Entrance

In order to obtain to the Uldaman, you must an initial navigate come the excavation site at collaborates 41, 11.
Uldaman Entrance

Uldaman Location

To obtain to Uldaman, get in the excavation website shown above and run straight until you uncover yourself in an open cavern surrounded by Shadowforge Surveyors and also Shadowforge Diggers. Run down right into the hole in the facility of the room and run straight right into the cavern further down, and then jump turn off of the ledge; the dungeon entrance will be on your ideal at collaborates 37, 32.

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Uldaman Entrance

Uldaman Achievements


Zul"Aman Location

Blackrock Caverns deserve to be uncovered on the east side that the Ghostlandss at works with 76.1, 64.0. To obtain to the Ghostlands, make your way up to the eastern Plaguelands. Head phibìc to the flightpath called Northpass Tower, and also then follow the trail every the way North till you uncover the entrance. The enntrance gate is in between Quel"Lithien Lodge and also Zul"mashar top top the map.
Zul"Aman Entrance

Zul"Aman Achievements

Zul"Aman Rewards