For maybe the first time in Bunny Girl Senpai, the snark aspect has been minimized in an effort to deal with Nodoka"s arc in a perfect fashion, offering us the finest episode of the series to date. So does that intend the snarkiness of Sakuta (and also to a lesser extent Mai) is gaining in the method of the series achieving its full potential?

I would certainly say no for one significant reason; Sakuta has actually likewise shown repeatedly that for every one of his snark and also flippancy, he truly does care. What he"s done for Kaede so far goes above and beyond brotherly duty, and also he does it all while maintaining a morally appropriate distance. By the finish of this episode, he"s officially assisted 4 girls through their significant hang-ups. He"s been via the Puberty Syndrome mess himself and via Kaede, so he have the right to empathize through each of these girls. His diligence in trying to win over Mai as his girlfriend renders for one more credible motive, and in Nodoka"s case, solving her difficulty benefits him; after all, he can not fool about while the girls have actually swapped bodies.

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Sakuta additionally reflects in this episode that he can rotate off the snark as soon as it won"t aid matters, as Nodoka"s reactions to his actions indicate that she takes points as well seriously. Besides, her main issue – a crisis of confidence blended via sibling jealousy – calls for more straightforward support than gentle ribbing, so that"s what he delivers. However before, what truly made his effort job-related was that he wasn"t functioning alone. Although Mai keeps her distance the majority of of the time, she plays an indispensable role in reresolving the matter. Thanks to her involvement, she and also Sakuta are able to convince Nodoka to be her very own perchild, fairly than attempt to follow in her sister"s footprocedures, without being patronizing or treacly.

This gives us a variety of neat little moments. Mai"s seammuch less recoincredibly when her fellow idol trips during the performance was well-handled; it flows by without skipping a beat instead of drawing attention to itself, probably because the continuity was more the point than the mistake. Handled equally well were the organic progression of the performance, Nodoka"s reactivity to it, and her later on habits on the beach. The swap ago and revelation that they were still in their own bodies however just changed appearances were likewise exciting twists. The service through Sakuta meeting his father, that had actually been absent without explacountry, not only fills in an essential background gap yet additionally argues that Sakuta"s perspective might be a method of keeping his stcapability in a daunting situation. And Kaede lastly appearing in her school unicreate will doubtless have actually implications over the continuing to be 3 episodes, as the story shifts to focus on her. As for the mini-cliffhanger in the epilogue, we all knew that somepoint prefer that was coming, right? The irony that they were photographed together in the semblance of a date once they actually weren"t (and it wasn"t even Mai) is perfect.

The technical initiative was additionally more powerful this week. I applaud animating the idol performance without resorting to CG, and also the body language distinctions once the 2 girls were in their alternate appearances remained convincing. Overall, this episode won"t stun anyone via its top quality, however it"s around as strong as you could hope for as an arc conclusion.

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Rating: A-

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