Whole human body Red Light treatment Gently Stimulates her Body’s Natural capacity to cure Itself.

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Sleep Better, feel Better, & Recover much faster with ours 15-Minute Red light Sessions

“I to be sleeping much better at night. My power went up. I might even tell a difference in my testosterone levels and the stamin in mine body.” — Dr. Mockery Axe

Endorsed through Dr. Axe, Red Light therapy Helps your Body Heal utilizing the strength of Light

Red light therapy provides healing ability by boosting your endocrine and immune system. Ours Red Light therapy is FDA cleared and tested.

At appropriate Studio in Lynnwood, we make use of both red and near-infrared irradiate in four powerful wavelengths to offer you a unique, true 360°, whole body treatment.

Sessions begin at $3o.oo. Discounted packages are accessible for many bookings.

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What Is Red irradiate Therapy?

This revolutionary modern technology emits low-power red irradiate wavelengths straight into the skin. The is a pain-free process, which can not be felt as there’s no heat created by the light.

While plenty of companies describe red light treatment as laser therapy, there space no lasers involved. The TheraLight 360 bed uses a irradiate Emitting Diode (LED) system that attributes LED panels. The is thought about a ‘low light’ therapy, together the panels diffusive the light, rather than shooting it in a concentrated beam as would certainly be done with a laser.

Full-Body, Anti-Aging Red Light treatment Bed increases Collagen Production, to reduce Pain and improves neurological health.

Benefits of Red light Therapy

Studies display red light treatment helps improve as whole health, with the following applications being cleared through the federal Drug management (FDA):

Helping to advice muscle repair

Restoring motion to joints

Providing short-term relief from sore muscles, share aches, pain, and stiffness

Providing relief indigenous minor pain and also stiffness associated with task and arthritis

Lowers Inflammation

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Can Red Light therapy Cure Cancer?

Red light treatment is no an FDA approved cancer treatment. But, patient have found that red light treatment may boost their immunity and also reduce the side impacts of cancer.

In a two-year clinical trial carried out by NASA, researchers found that 96 percent of patient undergoing radiation and chemotherapy experienced much less pain together a result of red irradiate therapy.

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Will Red Light therapy Make Me look Younger?

Reversing the indicators of aging is among the most renowned uses of red irradiate therapy. In a 2014 study published in Photomedicine and also Laser Surgery, researchers uncovered that red irradiate therapy reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

Red light therapy has also been presented to boost collagen production and reduce redness, such as that knowledgeable by those with rosacea.

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Does Red Light treatment Heal Wounds?

While not FDA approved to act wounds, light therapy has actually been found valuable in fostering tissue repair and also skin rejuvenation.

Athletes report the it offers support versus delayed start muscle soreness (DOMS), helping minimize recovery times. For countless athletes, this has actually become critical addition to your sports medication routine.

Is Red Light therapy an effect Treatment for Depression?

The FDA has not authorized red light therapy as a therapy for depression, consisting of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). However, part patients have uncovered that light treatment in associate with various other treatment approaches can help boost their mood.

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Will Red Light therapy Make Me Tan?

No. Red light treatment does not emit the light wavelengths that make you tan. Unlike tanning bed that deliver harmful UV rays and also can cause cancer, red light therapy has no recognized side effects.

What’s the benefit of a TheraLight 360 Bed?

We’ve invest in the TheraLight 360 bed to sell the best Whole body Red Light treatment in the an ar — offering the only easily easily accessible bed come those in the better Seattle area.

This light bed (also well-known as a pod or capsule) gives a unique 360-degree irradiate exposure, help to maximize your treatment. Equipped with 4 penetrating wavelengths (one red and three near-infrared), the frequencies and power output are all easily flexible based top top your personal needs.

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Can Red irradiate Therapy aid Me Sleep

A 2017 research study published in the Oxford Academic evaluated how exposure to light influenced sleep quality and also sleep duration. It discovered that participants with less exposure to organic light had much shorter rest periods and fewer REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles.

Due come the nature the our resides spent functioning indoors, adequate exposure to herbal light have the right to be complicated to obtain. Entirety body Red light Therapy deserve to offer one effective way to provide your body the irradiate it demands to maximize her sleep, enhance your mood and also enhance your general well-being.

Why totality Body Red irradiate Therapy

There room a variety of Red irradiate Therapy options available, varying from whole body come spot treatment. The objective of a totality body therapy is to maximize the performance by providing your human body the preferably dosage level it needs.

While some red light therapy units may have actually panels as large as 5-6 feet, these don’t sell the same complete body exposure as a 360 system.

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Our Studio is conveniently located just north the Seattle in Lynnwood, WA. We serve the surrounding areas including Edmonds, Mill Creek, Mukilteo, Bothell, Everett, and also South Snohomish County. We also offer virtual coaching to aid you throughout these hard times.

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