Pure Thyme (Red) crucial Oil


Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Plant Part: pipeline

Extraction Method: heavy steam Distilled

Origin: India

Consistency: thin

Note: center

Strength of Aroma: medium

Aromatic Scent: Red Thyme crucial Oil has actually a fresh, herbaceous, medicinal scent. The has often been described as sharp and warming.

Cautions: Red Thyme essential Oil need to be avoid throughout pregnancy, or if a background of high blood push exists. Red Thyme contains a high quantity of toxic phenols (carvacrol and also thymol) that deserve to irritate rubber membranes, reason skin irritation and also skin sensitization.

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Disclaimer:The information listed is general and also should no be bring away as clinical advice. Neither bulk Apothecary or connected business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. You re welcome consult her doctor, particularly if being used during pregnancy, before using this product. Friend are additionally encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets her needs, before using because that mass production.

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5 Love this oil

posted by Unknown top top 13th jan 2019

This is the oil I use the most. If ns feel a cold coming on ns rub a fall of thyme oil combined in a carrier oil on the bottom of mine feet. It appears to assist keep the cold at bay.

5 Love This Product

post by June Bice ~ above 23rd Mar 2018

This Product smells great - ns realized once I defused that there was no oily reside like previous important oils the I have purchased and the previous oils were more expensive, so ns am assuming that i was payment a greater price because that a product that has oils included :( so this company has every my crucial oil assignment from currently on. Plus delivery is quick.

4 making use of in massages

posted by Michael Weissman ~ above 17th january 2017

I use 8 vital oils in heal massages that i give, & Thyme Red is one that I uncover is relaxing because that the clients.

5 an extremely high quality oil

posted by Natalie Brocieus top top 18th Dec 2016

Another awesome oil from mass Apothecary! I usage it in number of of my oil blends and also love the results I am seeing.

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5 an extremely fragrant and also long lasting

posted by mary G top top 24th Sep 2016

Has multiple uses for a good price.

5 Wonderful!

posted by Dr items on 2nd Aug 2014

Excellent quality! Another great oil! This agency has some of the ideal essential and fragrance oil at prices that are even better!