Printable reindeer antlers that turn any kind of kid right into an lover reindeer. This printable reindeer antler headbands space the perfect Christmas craft for a special Christmas routine or party.

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Our school does a sing-around-the-tree ~ above the last day that school prior to our winter break. It"s quite neat and also I like that it"s "old school."

My kinders to be transformed each year into reindeer v the aid of a headband and also some red and also brown challenge paint.

They felt unique at the sing roughly the tree event - and they looked adorable. Of course.

If your school has actually a special event or if you just want a fun and also low key activity for a kindergarten Christmas great party, then these cute reindeer antler headbands are just the ticket.

Here"s how you can make your very own reindeer headband craft.

Let"s begin by gathering the products you"ll require to develop these reindeer antlers reduced out.


Brown construction paperrubber bands (1 every child)brads (2 every child)scissorsstraws/popsicle rod or pipe cleaners (optional)

Step 1 - prep the materials

Run the reindeer antlers printable design template off appropriate onto your construction document for the easiest an approach of do a class collection of antlers. If friend can"t perform that - create a pair of trends for her students to trace on their own.

Click here to download the printable.

If you have 11x17 sheets the brown construction record - cut 2-3" headbands the end lengthwise. If not, students have the right to staple two shorter headband piece together favor I did to do a headband.

Hole punch one hole right into the ends of the headband pieces. Shot not to obtain the holes also close to the leaf or they"re an ext likely to tear open.

Hole punch the end of the headbands

Step 2 -Assemble the headband

Let her kinders cut out the antlers and also glue them onto what will certainly be the inside of the headband. Student should additionally write their name on this side at this point.


Sometimes the antlers have the right to be a little bit floppy. If you have straws, pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks an easy add them onto the within of each antler to provide them a little more rigidity. I"ve used all 3 over the year - whatever happened to it is in in my arts cupboard and also they all work out simply fine.

Popsicle sticks have the right to be colored brown or girlfriend could pick just brown pipe cleaners if you don"t want them to be as visible.

We didn"t yes, really care. They turn out cute anyways.


Step 3 - make the headbands fit

Here is a neat way to make each headband right the size of each kid. Think the this together a one-size-fits-all solution.

I choose it because my kinders could do this themselves and help each other and I didn"t have actually to assist 24 kinders with rapid-fire stapling action (only to settle 16 that them five minutes later from breaking).

Put a brad through each hole in the headband - open the brad ends so it remains in place.Pull the rubber band roughly both brads and tug so that it fits snugly underneath every brad.You deserve to tape under the brad end if you desire so lock don"t acquire stuck on long hair.

The rubberband will certainly be versatile to fit the headband to the perfect dimension each kinder needs.

Brilliant- if you ask me! You can do this with any headband - choose these 100th job crowns.


And the last step is to wear them!

Let"s wrap the up

We liked to use a little red or brown challenge paint painted right onto the reminder of our noses to do our reindeer ensemble complete.

But friend could also cut out 2 white circles and glue them on because that eyes. Then attract in black pupils or include black construction record ones. You could even cut a brown or red circle sleep to add onto the front. That"d it is in cute too.

I hope thatthis reindeer headband printable craft have the right to come in handy because that your own classroom Christmas funny this year.

Want to send residence Christmas gifts wrapped together reindeer? This handprint antler bag craft is basic for kindergarten.

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