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Resident evil Survivor 2 - Code: Veronica Cheats for PlayStation 2

number of Continue increases in Arcade mode number of Continue possible increases when gathered playing time in arcade mode increases.

Unlockable Unlockable total playing time exceeds 4 hrs complete playing time exceeds 2 hrs total playing time exceeds 12 hours
Number that Continue possible = 12
Number that Continue possible = 6
Unlimited variety of Continue possible

Contributed by: zeroakuma2006

much better partner Unlockable Unlockable win the video game twice to win the game once
Partner Level Eight in Arcade Mode
Partner Level 4 in Arcade Mode

Contributed by: WTP129

an obstacle the stage you desire (for arcade mode)

Stage selection can it is in unlocked when total playing time increases. The n-th stage can be selected when full playing hour = n+1. E.g. Friend can select just to finish stage 4 when total playing hour over 5 hours. Then you can go into the stage choice by pushing "select" button at the character choose screen in arcade mode

Unlockable Unlockable complete playing time (in hour) exceeds (Stage Number +1). Climate you can difficulty the phase by advertise select button at the character pick screen
Stage an option in arcade mode

Contributed by: zeroakuma2006

unlockables Unlockable Unlockable Beat all 5 Vs. Roach mode lessons. beat the sixth Inferno Level Mission to get Chris Redfield with boundless Ammo for the linear Launcher. Score more than 300 million points. complete all dungeon scenarios consisting of Inferno mission 7, climate you will acquire Rodrigo who"s only armed with a knife. acquire all the messages spread throughout the levels. That will show up on the location screen. merely beat the first Scenario in Dungeon Mode.

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Ulock Panzerfaust EX. Because that VS. Roach Mode
Unlock chris Redfield in Dungeon Mode
Unlock linear Launcher for Claire and also Steve in Dungeon Mode
Unlock Rodrigo in Dungeon mode
Unlock mystery Report
Unlock VS. Roach Mode

Contributed by: Nakian, Komov75, The Mather

Walkthroughs & FAQs

kind Name paper Size basic FAQs basic FAQs detailed FAQs detailed FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough by ChandooG 59K
FAQ/Walkthrough by Nakian 56K
Arcade mode FAQ/Walkthrough through cvxfreak 24K
Game papers by ChandooG 13K