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attributes Start a Band. Absent the civilization - Rock band 4 delivers the ecstatic sirloin of a live tape performance like never before. Grab part friends and also live the end your rock fantasies top top stage, under the lights and in prior of a roaring crowd.The many Music available - over 60 brand-new tracks from rock"s biggest names and upcoming acts. More than 1,500 songs accessible for download v the in-game Rock tape Music Store. Easily import your formerly purchased Rock tape music library right into RB4Add your an individual Signature - put a distinctive spin on her favorite tracks v Freestyle etc Solos, Dynamic north Fills and also Vocal ImprovisationKeep the Party walking - brand-new "Shows" setting energizes her Rock tape multiplayer experience. Build multi-song sets, poll for the following song, change challenge levels and drop in or out. All on-the-fly in among the best party gamings available

The ideal Music video game Experience Gets even BetterWith Rock band 4, music game pioneer Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. Has collection "the new benchmark for rhythm activity gaming" (5/5 GamesRadar +), delivering the ecstatic rush of a live band performance like never before. Designed based upon feedback from the community, Rock band 4 builds upon the functions that matter most come players, including an immersive brand-new story campaign and ways to make playing v your friends and family much easier and more fun than ever.

Rock tape 4 it is provided innovative new features that allow you to include your personal signature to every performance. Combining next-gen visuals, one expansive soundtrack featuring few of rock’s best acts and compatibility with your previously purchased DLC, Rock band 4 is creating the defining music gaming platform for this generation.

Your Band, your Stage, her WayExpress yourself and also put your own stamp ~ above every track. Through Rock tape 4’s Freestyle etc Solos, Dynamic drum Fills, and Vocal Improvisation, you have the right to string with each other blistering guitar licks, wow the crowd through legendary drum solos or placed your own spin on favorite songs. In addition, RB4’s new Stage Presence allows you job-related the crowd right into a frenzy by flaunting your charisma and also working in addition to bandmates because that in-game rewards and real-time audience reactions.

The many Music, the many ChoiceBoasting a world-class soundtrack of much more than 60 tracks, Rock band 4 is packed v songs from legendary musicians, the hottest artist of today, and acts upon the verge of setting the music human being on fire. And, friend can develop your library with an ext than 1,500 songs easily accessible for download v the in-game Rock band Music Store.* fans who previously purchased music will have the ability to import and play those monitor in Rock tape 4 at no added cost.

*The time of release of "legacy" song on next-generation consoles is topic to change. "Legacy" DLC will be downloadable and playable in Rock band 4 just after the DLC is released on next-generation consoles.

The form of RockThe Fender Stratocaster has actually been a defining symbol of absent n" role for decades. Today, the guitar that helped kind the sound and also style of modern-day rock is the inspiration of the guitar controller you have the right to play on her Xbox or PS4 One system. Lug guitar shredding right into the gaming civilization with the Wireless Fender Stratocaster etc Controller.

Get prepared to ShredIgnite the crowd in Rock tape 4’s new Freestyle etc Solos – and make the many of the etc Controller’s 2 sets of worry buttons. Guitarists can bust out distinct guitar solos of their own, no class or music field of expertise needed. While obtainable and fun ideal out the the gate, Freestyle guitar Solos gameplay features remarkable depth, permitting expert players to string together face-melting licks and also craft truly initial solos.

Precision Overdrive & built-in Auto-CalibrationActivate Overdrive and rack up the points through Guitar Controller"s redesigned tilt sensor. We"ve sharpened the accelerometer"s ability to sense once you"ve titled your Strat. This brand-new feature is an important for scoring big in the game"s new Freestyle guitar Solos. And also a new, combined auto-calibration sensor makes it easy to quickly readjust the latency of your etc Controller through your video game system. Simply choose auto-calibration, monitor the onscreen prompts and also get ready to play. Works seamlessly with standard and also HDTVs.

Hard RockersDesigned because that performance and also durability, the Rock tape 4 Wireless north Kit functions 4 durable drum pads built to resist the raw pressure dished out by the most demanding drummers. They additionally absorb sound therefore you can drum every night without bring about a disturbance. As soon as you"re ready to provide your very best performance, you can thrash far without the worry of your equipment giving up prior to you do.

Never miss out on a BeatNew in-game Dynamic north Fills will certainly make friend feel choose a drum legend and sound much better than ever before. And with an advanced drum-hit design, the drumheads detect tenderness to hard strikes and also give you the liberty to improvise and create your many expressive performances.

Just absent ItThe thrill that drumming isn"t all about using her hands. Your feet are all set to gain in top top the action, too. The north kit"s metal-reinforced stomp pedal, just like the drumheads, is prepared to take it a beating. One embossed pattern helps your foot continue to be right whereby it needs to be. And for those with progressed drumming skills, the kit supports the usage of 2 pedals.

Customize your HeightComfort reigns supreme once you"re dishing the end the hits. The kit"s flexible poles permit you set them come a level the aligns with how you prefer to play. Customize the height to do yourself comfortable prior to digging into a couple of tracks.

Get ~ above the MicBoasting a vast dynamic range and high Signal to Noise ratio (SNR), the Rock tape 4 USB Microphone takes benefit of the game"s freestyling vocal abilities, catching performances indigenous the loudest come the subtlest vocal intonations, all without distortion. Right for pumping up the crowd and including backup singers to your band. The Rock band 4 mic delivers continuous clarity to aid you vocalize your an extremely best harmonies and melodies.

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Stage-Grade Acoustics

Upgraded Frequency response for Distortion-Free Vocals.High Signal come Noise proportion (SNR) that s right Reproduces her Voice.Improved Dynamic variety Captures Loud and also Quiet Performances.Ideal for adding Backup Singers to her Band.Extensive 15ft (4.6m) USB Cable.