Select Size! Mens/Unisex small - $22.00 Mens/Unisex medium - $22.00 Mens/Unisex large - $22.00 Mens/Unisex XL - $22.00 Mens/Unisex 2XL (+$2) - $24.00 Mens 3XL (+$3) - $25.00 Ladies tiny - $22.00 Ladies medium - $22.00 Ladies huge - $22.00 women XL - $22.00
The Flop House! shirts Info: Screenprinted top top soft, comfortable, and socially responsible American Apparel or imperial Apparel 5051 and also 2102 in Black! See sizing information first, !

Please describe these charts prior to ordering if you space not familiar with the brand the shirt the is printed on! The style of shirt should be determined in the description. Ladies shirt sizes can be particularly zany, as countless ladies have no doubt noticed in stores. The human being Bird and also Paperklip also made an incredibly charming video about those. 

One point to keep in psychic American Apparel, imperial Apparel, and different Apparel every run around a size smaller than their Gildan/Hanes counterparts. Ladies 2XLs room pretty small, and if you were to it is in in the industry for a women 3XL, the size basically picks earlier up at Unisex Large. The cut is slightly different but the post is the same: you space cooler 보다 everyone else.

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Some simple Information

Packages—if all items are in stock—usually leaving our western Massachusetts warehouse in ~ 1 - 4 business days. However, if among your item is at this time on quick Delay/Reprinting that means it is at this time in production, it may take as much as three weeks come ship, but usually lot quicker. If you require something for a specific time/event, or would choose to separation your order, please submit a support Ticket and also we"ll see what we can do.

We also don"t require distribution signatures unless you specifically request it.


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We currently ship things a couple of different ways.

USPS very first Class
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If girlfriend Are... Elsewhere

We delivery things around the world using DHL eCommerce!

Packages ship in 1-4 business days if not suggested Short Delay. You will certainly be responsible for import taxes, customs, VAT, and also other country-specific fees ~ above receipt of her package. us offer DHL thoreau eCommerce shipping choices for if you"re in a low to tool rush, and also USPS Priority express international for as soon as you require something ASAP and money is the no issue to you. They"re priced according to speed and also tracking accuracy.

DHL very first Class: 220 Countries, Final shipment scan to most countries, 3-21 days.DHL Priority: 220 Countries, Much much better Tracking*, 14 mean transit days.USPS Priority letter Express International: 3-5 average transit work is what castle advertise!

Please note that us cannot mark packages as "Gifts" to aid you evade customs, together that"s international mail fraud and also they"ll throw united state in jail which is meaningless in a way since no jail can hold us. It is however very inconvenient.

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Still have actually a question around shipping? We have a whole bunch of frequently asked questions about specific things that you have to go examine out.

*A final shipment scan is no guaranteed to all nations using DHL however, there will be a high percent of shipment scans come 35 crucial countries including North America: Canada, Mexico Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, united kingdom Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Other earth Places Japan, southern Korea, China, Australia & brand-new Zealand