How countless times has actually "May the force be v you" been claimed in Star Wars?

It every starts of course with A new Hope.The heat is very first said by general Dodonna come his brave Rebel troops just before the fight of Yavin.Han Solo then rather surprisingly claims it to Luke soon after prior to he flies off to tackle the death Star. Offered Han had questioned the worth of "hokey religion", he supplied it as a sign of friendship and also genuine goodwill come Luke.

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And we know exactly how that all finished up...In George Lucas"s very first draft the Star Wars, the ide of the pressure was not fully formed, a character that never ever made it right into the last version that the film dubbed King Kayos, stated the blessing "May the pressure of rather be through you all".
There was a lengthy development that the concept before it ended up being what we recognize it to be today.Amusingly, Obi-Wan Kenobi is sometimes credited with using the phrase an initial but below are the quotes for once he supplies it:"The pressure will be v you... Always.""Luke, the force will be v you.""Use the Force, Luke.""Remember, the pressure will be through you always."There space plenty of other phrases as soon as the pressure is supplied too.But what is it based on?
It"s likely that George Lucas was influenced by the salutation or blessing the is frequently said in Catholic mass, "May the the lord be through you".
The pressure is stated several time in the Star wars movies however there room three main ways the this phrase we room talking around you is said"May the pressure be v you" is supplied 16 times in the 7 movies."May the pressure be v us" is spoken twice and "The force will be v you" is likewise used twice.
Here"s the use per movie breakdown:
A new HopeGeneral Dodonna speak it to his troops and Han Solo states it come Luke just before the fight of YavinNumber of time = 2The realm Strikes BackWhen Luke is speaking v Lando and also Chewie, hesays "Chewie, I"ll be waiting for her signal. Take it care, friend two. May the force be with you."Number of time = 1Return that the JediIt is not said in Jedi. Admiral Ackbarsays before the battle of Endor, "May the force be through us"
Number of time = 0The Phantom Menace
Qui-gon Jin claims it come young Anakin just before the pod gyeongju starts.Mace Windu and Yoda exchange this pleasantry in between them. Yoda states it an additional time.Number of times = 4Attack that the ClonesAnakin and Obi-Wan each do the exchange before Anakin pipeline the planet Coruscant v Padme.Mace states it to Obi-WanObi-Wan gets as far as "may the" prior to his transmission is cut off. We don"t count this.Number of time = 3Revenge the the SithYodasays the heat to Obi-Wan just prior to he travels to the Wookie house planet.Obi-Wan and also Anakin say it to each other, the last time they speak as friends.Yoda and also Obi-Wan great each various other it as luck just prior to Yoda go to take on Darth Sidious.Number of time = 5The pressure AwakensFinally, the is commander Organa (Leia) who claims the standard line to Rey in ~ the finish of the The pressure Awakens. This makes "May the pressure be through you" the critical line spoken in TFA. This line is not only among "good luck", it"s Leia important wishing that the pressure be through Rey as she starts her trip to coming to be a Jedi as she heads turn off to discover Luke Skywalker.Number of times = 1So that looks like Obi-Wan says it the most with 3 times, Yoda and Mace both twice. Rogue One Jyno Erso says to her tape of funny Rebels "May the pressure be through us"Special point out should go to Admiral Raddus who claimed "Rogue one, may the force be v you".K-2SO additionally tries to gain the quote out but is told come shut increase by Jyn and also Cassian.Number of time = 0

The critical Jedi.

Not spoken by any human characters yet BB8 utters the in his robot "manner" when flying v Poe Dameron versus the Dreadnought.
In Season Two: episode 5, Chapter: The Jedi, Ashoka wishes the quote come both Mando and Baby Grogu together they depart to find the earth to send a signal to the cosmos that Grogu demands some Jedi assistance.

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In the last episode of the same season: "The Rescue", having declared he will certainly look ~ Grogu with his life, Luke Skywalker wishes the pressure be v Mando and those top top the bridge of the Lite-Cruiser.